Just Beautiful # 10


  I think taking the long zips in Bukidnon is just a beautiful experience. That is not me in the photo.  I was the one who took this but then i was wishing that moment that I will also be pictured at when i take my zip the next day. =)

Just Beautiful # 9


  Me and the Daughter   I don’t mean to sound bragging but i think this photo of us is JUST BEAUTIFUL. 🙂 Taken the Monday before the holy week @ Crimson Resort & Spa in Mactan, Cebu.

Just Beautiful # 4

Ain’t that beautiful? That’s not mine ha! I took this photo for PF meme. But i just can’t help to share it here because the jewelry holder is just so dainty and i think the jewelry too. Though i did not mind much about the jewelry. It’s the holder that captured my eyes.

Just Beautiful # 2


A Wednesday photo meme that depicts something that is JUST BEAUTIFUL. Be it an old or new photo taken by you. Grab your mouse and join us by clicking the above widget. =) this is my friend’s youngest child. We often sit together in church. I just love her natural curls. Very curly. I love… Continue Reading