Presidential Suite

The fourth floor of the Annex Building is almost up for patient’s use.  That floor used to be our dormitory and now it’s almost ready to receive patients.  The rooms are called Presidential Suite and of course the rate lives up to its name.  When we had our bayanihan last month, I saw that they have used glass tile in their bathrooms that you could feel it is like living in a hotel. Very very nice. One day if ever i get to build my dream home, if i can’t have the whole place covered with glass tiles, at least the bathroom should be. I like my bathroom to be big because i like to have have a mini library in it – a cozy room to stay when all the other rooms in the house are crowded.

I dunno when would i start working for this dream but if ever it has to be in few years time, I will make sure that i hire a very responsible and professional architect and of course a qualified interior designer.