Affordable Guitar Lessons @ MSH College

The music room at the college has been existing for almost three years now.  When it started, I was planning to enroll in voice lesson with the hope that somehow in the future, I could join singing group.  I love to sing yet I am not a member of any of the group here.  I have not undergone any voice training so they can’t let anyone like me who lacks training to join their group.  But with the nature of my work, I failed to enroll. But I kept singing on my own – at home: in my bedroom and much more in the bathroom.  I really do not sound bad but my voice needs polishing to be in but not in any famous group such as Spice Girls or a duet with Charlotte Church.

Anyway, so much for that voice lesson failure, I am thinking of enrolling in guitar lessons. There are several friends in my list that knows how to play the guitar on a master level, yet they do not have time to teach young once. lol!

I now have a several pieces of music with chords hoping to play them with confidence using a guitar instrument. I saw this affordable line 6 mobile in at guitar center and I will try to check out if they have it at Lim Kit Kai Center.  If i can purchase one, then I will enroll in a guitar lesson at our Music Room.

Postcards Galore

When I and my daughter’s Omi Estrella met in Bangkok early last month, she handed me some postcards she picked when they went on their Alaskan Cruise in October and the one she got in England.  She gave me 4 or 5 cards.

Before i made my holiday trip, i checked with the post office if there were cards waiting for me.  Indeed there was!  There was around seven of them.  See my collection is getting more thicker each weeks. 🙂 Thank you so much, Auntie Babie. 🙂 Thanks for the friendship.

These are not post crossing cards. okey?


She was suppose to mail this from there but decided to just hand it to me when we met.  And she did. 🙂


Then the last but not the least, the State postcard:

3 Cards at One Time

1 postcard is Netherlands, the other 1 is from Israel and the last one from Stromberg.

This is the one from Israel:

Acid-base Balance 010

Note at the back:

Shalom Arlene! I am sending you this card because it is full of the Israeli nature and even contains the Israel “ship of the desert” – a camel and its traditional Beduin gear. Wish you all the best! Vera

This is from Stromberg:

Acid-base Balance 011

Note with it:

Hello Arlene!  Here you have a view over wonderful Stromberg, a small villae, 3000 inhabitants.  Iit’s always funny: we live on the top of the mountain.  Looking down on the people living downtown. hahaha It’s so great to live in such a small town.  I don’t like big cities.  We’re got wonderful nature around, next city is about 6 km always.  I love living in Stromberg.  Greetings from Germany!  — Alexandra

Acid-base Balance 009

Note with it:

Hello Arlene, this is an old sanatorium build by Duiker.  He was rather famous Dutch Architect.  The town where i live has still lots of buildings restored by him so that they are still there.  All the best!  Anan

My card to China has reached Beijing in 19 days.  And Sophie left this comment in the notice mail: “Thanks for your postcard. The view is really beautiful! And I have a plan of travelling to Philippines next year. I will not miss this :-)”

I can’t wait to get my next set of postcards. Next week am scheduled to send another set of postcards.