MMA Batch 1990 Mini Meet-Up

There was a call for a mini meet-up a week before the date of meeting.  It’s been awhile that us classmates from Iligan and Cagayan de Oro and somewhere in between had been together.  Though the guys from cdo often meet-up when they could. Mas ubay ubay man pud gud sila didto. 🙂 But Clyde and family were home for a vacation from Australia, so we met and spent time with each other.

Anyways, we had the get together at a new resort in Libertad called C Resort. Thanks to Jun Dy for introducing to us the place.  It was nice. The pool was an eyes candy.


I have an eye for bursting colors so I took a lot of photos of the pool from the cabana where we lanay. Pools were suppose to be a place for swimming, but we preferred to lanay up there than enjoy the water and the sun down there. I start to think that maybe because of our age. lols! Nah they were just so busy catching up with each other.



The place is amidst nature so it was a perfect place to unwind.  To me, Mr. Sun was just so harsh that time that I don’t wanna leave the place with roof. Init jud kaayo para nako.  I kept thinking of the cool waters of Timoga. ha ha ha

Anyways, after some hours of almost “endless chika” ay catching up diay, we went out of the cabana to take pictures together.

It’s good to be together in times like this.  I can feel that we still act and laugh like high school bunch, but it’s good.  I think if we don’t have a regular meet-up, we could drift apart since almost all of us have different jobs and different priorities.  If we don’t agree to meet then pwede na mag limutay.  Sound sad. But nah some guys in the batch are very active – so we will still meet-up from time to time.  Even if none from abroad comes home, we would still meet up.

Here are some of our group photos:


Attendance checked:
Melody, Cristine, Lucille, Fermel, Ervin, Clyde, Eun Ae, Nelson, Meriam, Christina, Ariel.
That baby is the first apo of the batch.



So this is all for now! Until the next time, which is soon. 🙂

Venue: C-Resort @ Libertad, Misamis Oriental
Resort entrance:  100.00
Pool fee: 200.00
Cabana’s fee: 1650.00

Remembering my FEO

FAO stands for Foreign Expert Officer.  A person gets this job description if their school hiring foreign teachers.    They are the ones who does the endless needed paper works of the school regarding the hiring and getting permits.   Since I was their first foreign teacher, then it was like a trial and error for him.  Good thing, their city officers are always give time for the papers to be done, then there was not much problem.  Mr. Bin was one  of the FAO i worked with that I cannot forget because of his friendliness and kindness.  He is charming! A right word for him.  He is a friend to everyone and since he thinks am so far away from home, he is extra kind to me.  Always making me laugh.

This is Mr. Liu Bin and Helen in a Mongolian native costume.
They paid for this attire just for picture purposes.

Since today is Chinese new year, I remember my Chinese friends in a special way.  If I am there I can surely treat them for a free cigars – not just Mr. Bin but all all my guy friends who loves cigars.   Even though I don’t like them smoking in front of me but there are special occasions when I just tolerate them.

Dashing Bride

One of the weddings that I cannot forget simply because I took pictures of them is the wedding of Byrne and Anne.  Byrne is a high school classmate of mine and one of the closest to us especially to my sister.

Few of us classmates in high school attended his wedding and we were just so lucky to be around to witness such special occassion.

Anne is just one of the dashing brides I know during her wedding day, and this photo will prove it:

 photo DSCF1521.jpg

I feel proud in sharing this one pic of her with them. I told Ann that she was so beautiful during her wedding day.  She is beautiful every day but she was more during the day she got married to our classmate.

The look of one who is so in love and so happy to be married…

One Early Wednesday Morning @ MVC

The last time I visited MVC was in October last year when we spent a night there together with some friends.   I also remember that it was that time I reserved a room in Ma’am Apples house for the upcoming 60th Homecoming.

Then the 60th Homecoming has arrived and it was held during the first week of April.  April first to the sixth to be exact.  But due to work, I decided to go up on the third which was Wednesday.  That was also the day when the Noviecountants had their reunion so I travelled with them on that Tuesday night.

We left Iligan at eleven in the evening and we arrived at almost exactly 5:30 in the morning.  It was still early but I was too alert to grab some sleep so I decided to join the morning worship since the morning worship was to start at 5:30. Since I saw that some people were still making their way to the venue, I decided to follow, too.

Then this is my morning shot when I passed by the tennis court. Still too early I guess for tennis enthusiasts to be there –

 photo IMG_0024.jpg

Then as I continue walking down the DXCR road, the sun was also slowly creeping up and made it’s power more obvious to my surroundings, so these are the following shots I made:

 photo IMG_0030.jpg

That’s the Audie out there!

The the DXCR sun bathing –

 photo IMG_0032.jpg

The speaker of the hour that morning was Pastor Ravelo and we agreed on the phone that we will meet that morning after his appointment,  but due to change of circumstances, I failed to see him. The morning worship finished at thirty past eight, so I hurried back to Ma’am Apple’s place to have breakfast and get ready myself for a trip to Malingon Falls.

I love MVC’s early mornings because I never enjoyed them when I was still a student.  Sleep was more important that time. 🙂  But now as I get more mature, I realized that feeling the beauty of the campus in the early morning hours is very inspiring than sleep. 🙂

The Bi-ad Princesses

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


They are some of my friends from my very own hometown. Had I not enjoyed blogging then I would not meet these guys. So because of blogging, I met and knew Lai, Lovette, and Richard. They are just a few. More people will be shown later.

This photo was taken during the launching and induction of officers of the Iligan Bloggers Society. After the program, the core group stayed behind awhile for aftercare and also enjoyed posing for remembrance shots. This is one of the photos. I like to call them BIAD artists as they do good on that poise thing.

Nostalgia (my 26th)


Jeorgene and Me on my 24th birthday

One of the photos of my 24th birthday. This was taken in July 24, 1996. Me and my ex-bf. Good guy and i know he loves me so much because he really took effort in trying to make this birthday memorable for me. This birthday became extra special because of his effort – when we were already separated. I guess people do realized how much they value a person when he or she is already gone. hehehehe

Anyway, this birthday was celebrated with one of our buddy friends, Bebbot & Ampoy. This was a double celebration – my birthday and ther wedding anniversary.

Bebbot and Ampee so sweet!

They should be! I was so civil towards JM that day. I was so overwhelmed of his effort. Maybe if we did not broke up, i will never experience this sweet birthday treat from him.

My 24th birthday was very memorable. I spent the weekend in Cebu at my relative’s place and my boyfriend (Ulee) celebrated the whole day Saturday with us. Sunday early morning, he sent me off to the bus station for my 8 hrs trip back to Bacolod City. I was carrying a big teddy as a gift from him. When i arrived in Bacolod City, this was the surprise for me. A Birthday celebration with my barkadas.

As am making this post, am wondering what if we can move back the time…i wonder if i would dwell there or i’d love my time now.


Me – with two kids. Married turned single. single parent.

Jeorgene – 4 kids. Married to a nurse

Bebbot & Ampee – separated. Divorced.  They have 2 kids. Ampee in Oman. Bebbot just in Bacolod. (oh i miss her)

Ulee – in Canada. Married. with 1 kid.

Quick visit to the hilltop

I was suppose to leave very early yesterday morning but instead of waking up at 3:30 i woke up at 5:15.  So i was sure that i can’t catch up the church service anymore.  I was just in there to some friends and of course to pick something from a friend.  I arrived on time when the speaker started and oh my he spoke for almost 2 hours that the 12:30 date with friends at the under the pines was doubtful.  So i went out to see Ate Sardale to inquire of the activity.

Some pics i took while traveling up to MVC on a motorbike.  🙂

oct 23 mvc trip collage 1

Anyway, i went to see Paul at the under the pines at past 1 and we talk a bit.  There were also some friends there and before the rain started we decided to move to the Jubilee Park.  I was glad because in spite of the short time i will have the chance to take photos there.

oct 23 mvc trip 2 500


I think it was good to be at the Jubilee Park when it was not so crowded with visitors.  But one thing i observed, it’s not so Jubilee Park anymore as it was in my time or even before my time – i long for the great view of the plains beyond and the endless sky.  For now, that’s the case anymore.  It’s more like this:

oct 23 mvc trip 4 500

I left MVC with Ma’am Apple and company at a bit past 5 and was on my way to CDO at 6:00.  Before the clock strikes 12, i was already inside the office dorm.  I jump with glee because i can imagine i would turn into a zombie if ever the clock strikes 12 and i was still outside walking towards the dorm. lol!

Though the time was limited, i had a great time meeting for a short while some friends.  Hopefully in the soon future, i can go back there and have a weekend stay at Jabby’s room. 🙂

friends collage 520

Manila Trip Day 2 – Trip to Olongapo City

Our Weekend Memoirs

I woke up early but looking at the time i was already late for the agreed time of 6:30. Mel and company will pick me up at the Mc Donalds of SM North Edsa. I took the taxi camoran to north esda thinking am already very late. Good thing we arrived almost at the same time.

I was worried of the traffic but it was not so much. I took a shot of this just so i would be familiar of where I am passing. 🙂


I thank the taxi driver for bringing me to the right spot since we already passed by mc donalds and i was expecting that mc donalds is inside the mall. i only told the driver am off to sm north, not mc donalds. when we arrived at the mall, he said, “oh saan ka na bababa dito?” i replied, “sa mc donalds po!” And he said, “lampas na tayo!” Oh my i was worried! I don’t like the idea of getting off and then walk back because I might get lost. 😀  Good thing he brought me back.  He find ways to get me back to that corner.  🙂  I paid him 120.00 and that comes with a receipt. Cool!


That’s Trinoma Mall over there. And Mel told me pala to wait at the SM McDo across Trinoma.

When Mel and company arrived, i got in and after a few minutes of pleasantries i doze off.  I had a late night (1:30 am) and woke up 6:30 so for sure i was sleepy.  I love sleeping in a moving vehicle so the car really was a great place to sleep for me that time.  🙂  I think i slept 80% part of the trip.  I started to get really awake when we are just a few kilometers off the Subic Free Port Zone.


i wonder what’s this hill called


yahoo we’re at our destination now!


Below Mitches home is this plant with blooming chillies. 🙂 Her daughter said she loves to eat that because she is a daughter of an Bombay (referring to her dad).


Great thirst quencher.  🙂

It was a humid day.

This is the day, too that i had this huge P I Z Z A with friends. 🙂


My Manila trip was indeed a very memorable weekend.