Sick of my size

Almost. At times i thought am just okey with my current size but i realized now that it’s better off am smaller or let’s say fit. I think am so big now, the biggest in my batch. So sad. But i will have to see my doctor because she might have have any idea on what fat burners that work for me. For sure she will know if I need one now or i still need to lose a bit of weight through diet or exercise and then take on that pill. It is not good to just gobble any pill anytime. It’s not good for the heart.

The above scenario happened weeks ago when one of my galfriends came to me to share her thoughts. She is very depressed like me but of course she is bigger than me. I told her not to worry because I am with her and in spite of our huge size, we still look cute and beautiful. No one can take away our beauty and even our sexyness.

But really if this scene will continue playing in my mind, it convinces me that i really need to work out to lose weight. We are very prone to any obesity related diseases.

Oh we still don’t like to die young.