Postcrossing | Sushi House of Cat

This is one of the first cards I received from China this year 2018.  But in reality, this card will still be included in the 2017 card received census since this was sent in 2017.

It’s a Japanese inspired designed cat. I love cats so I love this card.


The greetings read:

Greetings from China! This is a cute cat. And I hope you love it! Happy Postcrossing! All Happy — Songzhe

The stamps used are also cute. I like the warmness exude by its color.


Remembering my FEO

FAO stands for Foreign Expert Officer.  A person gets this job description if their school hiring foreign teachers.    They are the ones who does the endless needed paper works of the school regarding the hiring and getting permits.   Since I was their first foreign teacher, then it was like a trial and error for him.  Good thing, their city officers are always give time for the papers to be done, then there was not much problem.  Mr. Bin was one  of the FAO i worked with that I cannot forget because of his friendliness and kindness.  He is charming! A right word for him.  He is a friend to everyone and since he thinks am so far away from home, he is extra kind to me.  Always making me laugh.

This is Mr. Liu Bin and Helen in a Mongolian native costume.
They paid for this attire just for picture purposes.

Since today is Chinese new year, I remember my Chinese friends in a special way.  If I am there I can surely treat them for a free cigars – not just Mr. Bin but all all my guy friends who loves cigars.   Even though I don’t like them smoking in front of me but there are special occasions when I just tolerate them.

Nostalgia (my 23rd)


With the upcoming Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), there is that feeling deep inside me makes me feel I am missing China so much. I miss the food, the places to see, and of top most, my friends.

So i hope that this month i can religiously post for nostalgia and I am gonna share with you some random photos i had while working there.

Today let me share a couple or some photos I had during my first visit to the great wall. The school that hired us treated us for a trip to Beijing after the very busy summer work. We travelled late at night and went straight to The Great Wall which is located in Badaling northeast direction from Beijing.

Here’s me and Liza taking a pause for a photo. Our destination is still way way up beyond that wall seen behind us.

The 3 of us relaxing at the museum lounge after the hike in The Great Wall. Napoleon (that only guy) is holding our Great Wall Certificate – certifying that we have conquered the Wall. Not the whole length but at least we have walked more than a kilometer up to reach the nearest highest point and we have to buy this certificate. I forgot how much was it but each of us bought one.

The trip was not only to the Great Wall but after the great wall they brought us to The Summer Palace. And the next day at Tiannamen Square and then the Forbidden City. I had lots of photos. I think I used up half a dozen roll of films. Sadly i lost more than a hundred in the mail as a friend mailed it from Lanzhou where he is teaching. Mailing with with non-chinese characters address, it is not a 100% guarantee that the mail reaches you especially when it is mailed just within the country.

Anyway, i still hope i can visit The Wall again.

Nostalgia (my 10th)


2004 pear farm
Pear Farm 2004

pear farm 2005

Pear Farm 2005


The same place.

Different year.

The same person.

Different hair length

The same smile

and with the same idea in mind —

to have a photo in the midst of the pear flowers.

My last visit was in 2005.  Probably if i haven’t come back to the Philippines for sure the next years to come i will still visit the same place during the pear flower season.  The flowers will be in full bloom for just a week.  My first visit there was in 2003 and i wore a grey coat.  It looks so gloomy in the photo.  I made sure that during my next visit (2003 and onwards) i wore something with a lively color.  🙂

See the green and orange? I just love it!

Nostalgia (my 6th)


Hey am back! I felt bad for missing this wonderful meme for some weeks. It was an unavoidable circumstances though so i hope i won’t miss this again in the coming weeks.

The photos i will be sharing with you all this week will some photos before leaving the leaving China for good. I was the emo type so i made sure i had picture taken with all the teachers (chinese english teachers) and my boss. So one day, i think the last week before leaving, we took time to take pictures in the 4th floor of the building.

~~ Me with the men in the department. Larry and Angus are teachers and Mr. Wang (in green shirt) is the communist leader in the school. I bet his work is to oversee that all teachers are teaching stuff inline with the communist teaching ~~

~~ Here’s me with the lady teachers and my lady boss (on my right) ~~

~~ with all the chinese english teachers. my boss teaches english too. ~~

I remember my boss looks extra pretty that day for this picture taking.

My eyes were already abit puffy because the last week was spent saying goodbye to colleagues and friends and there were crying sessions, too. hehehe

I don’t cook anymore, too so almost daily at lunch we eat out as it it was so cheap there.  At lunch, my boss and some teachers can accompany me.  And here’s one of me and Penny (my boss) and Linda (one of the English teachers).

The name of my last employer was: Zhangjiakou Vocational & Technological College.  My students were ages 18-21.  Studies they make after senior high school.

Making this post makes me miss my friends out there.