AHP Retreat @ Cagayan de Oro City

I spent my weekend at Cagayan de Oro City with the delegates of the Adventist Health Professionals’ Retreat at SPUC compound from Friday evening until the lunch time of Sunday.  It was a great experience for me.  The messages and lectures were so inspiring that I can really say I am converted and hopefully could change my lifestyle to achieve optimum health and to be able to share the health gospel effectively.  I know it is not yet too late. 🙂

The theme of the event is “Reaching Out Through Health Professionals” and the messages made me realized how much responsibility was placed by God to every Christian to spread the health message to everyone.  The lectures also made me understand that health ministry and evangelistic ministry must go hand in hand.

I was surprise to know that it is not lack of knowledge that encourages people to change their bad lifestyle into a good one, but SICK THREAT makes them do it.   I can agree 1000% as am one of those people who does not lack encouragement and knowledge.  It is just due to my laziness that I failed to make exercise as part of my daily living.  Should have I started a healthy lifestyle when I was young, then I would not have this excess pounds in me now.

One of the things I noted was the KEYS FOR EFFECTIVE CHANGE:

    • Be a good example as example has power.
    • Be opportune (never condemn people)
    • Be a powerful person for a change
    • Pro-active presentation of the Adventist health message
    • Less knowledge, more tools/skills
    • One or two behaviors at once
    • Small victories first then the bigger one
    • Reinforce good practices.


I have more in my notes, but I can include them in my posts later here and there.

My ID. we were issued IDs but not worn all the time. hehehe


Thanks to the Health Department of South Philippine Union Conference for having such a program.  I guess the first time ever for a SPUC wide coverage.

Bisdak Bloggers Meet-Up

Yesterday, I took a whole day leave thinking that I would be going to Cagayan de Oro at an early time.  But at 6 am someone came to the house to inform my mom that there is no need for her to go and pick her pension.  That was my errand so that means I don’t have to leave early.

Yesterday was also slated for another Bisdak Bloggers meet-up at 5 pm.  The whole morning I spent washing dirty clothes  caused by the flood, and then I have to change clothes for city errands.  Fortunately, I never made it to the city because I just decided to walk from IIT to Kristine’s bakeshop.  Then I came back to the hospital to pay partial the colonoscopy at the Billing then went home.

I left Iligan at exactly 4 pm.  It was my first time go go places outside my home and the hospital after the flash that hit Iligan City last Saturday.  Oh my, there was air pollution when I entered the Tambo area.  My imagination went wild right away thinking that possibly there are some dead people in their mud that is why the strong smell of decayed flesh.  Anyway, I have to cover my nose so that I won’t feel nauseated.

I arrived Cagayan de Oro at a little bit past 6 pm.  Went directly to Peking House only to realized that it was LIGHTHOUSE not Peking House.  lol! I thought they are the same HOUSE!!!! hahaha Good thing Karen Sanchez arrived a little while after me and we went to Lighthouse together.   Mommy Ruby, Mommy Dharlz and sister were already there.   Then in a while, Jude came by, Karen, and then Atty Lenie, Wheng (sister of Sheila Worthington), and then Mommy Grace.  We were only few but we had fun listening to each other’s stories.

The bus left the terminal at around 12 midnight and I arrived Iligan at 2 am.  Took a taxi from the terminal to the hospital and my daughter was still up.  Slept right away after some self clean-up because I was really tired.  Imagine I was standing for almost like 3 hours.

Anyway, I look forward to another BB meeting early next year.

I will share later the tokens I received from BBs last night.

Quick CDO Visit!

I took a leave last Friday for a quick visit/errand to Cagayan de Oro City.  One thing that really made me excited of the going was the bus ride.  I already forgot when was the last bus ride i took to CDO.  I going there does not need many hours but at least it is better than nothing.  As i’ve mentioned before, bus rides is one of my stress relievers.  I love the moving forward motion.  At times i love to feel the air on my face if traveling in an unpolluted place.

I was already there Thursday evening and I had a chance to pass by the Divisoria park which others always told me that great to be at on weekends.  But that Thursday it is not yet that full of people.  The evening was a bit cool good thing it did not rain.

I stayed with friend and the night was a mixture of activity – chatting and doing some stuff online.  We thought that the night would not end  but it did and we hit our beds at 3 am.  I was in a new place so sleep was not easy.  I looked forward to a great sunrise but  Mr. Sun hid well behind the clouds so i did not have any sunrise shots.


Later in the afternoon, on our way to the jeepney junction, we passed by the park because i saw the fountain was on.  I took the shot of the church and it looks so cold –


It seems i can hear crickets.  But seeing the people around, i am reminded that am still in the midst of the city.

I have to go around the water fountain to take shot of the sprayed water against some blue skies.


I had the great weekend!  And i hope all of you had one, too!

Quick trip to Cagayan de Oro City

Sunday afternoon, after the recognition program, i went to Cagayan de Oro to pick our commencement speaker.  Then after the graduation program, i also had the chance to send home the speaker.  It feels a bit refreshing to see different places in one day.  Sunday, i guess i was so tired i failed to take photos, but on Monday afternoon, on our way back, i just can’t stop clicking my camera.  So let me share some of these photos.

This can be used for TWThW, too.

This Way Thurs-Way

A Thursday meme of roads & its signs, signages, paths, passages, street scenes & the like. Hosted by Tink.

— i forgot what’s the name of this street —

— crossing the bridge —

— i wish that someday i can eat at this place. —

– i also wish that one day i can stop by and take lots of sky photos or sea scenes as much as i can.

Sky Watch at the Divine Mercy Hills


This is the tallest statue of Jesus i ever saw in my life. If you are standing at the foot, this is the scene that you will be beholding —


I think it’s so breath taking. I wish my very small camera can capture all that i behold but it only captured a small portion of what i saw.

I also wonder how grand would be the view if i can go up the top of the statue.

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TWTh – Divisoria View & This Way at CU

This Way Thurs-Way

A Thursday meme of roads & its signs, signages, paths, passages, street scenes & the like. Hosted by Tink.

I was on an official trip to Cagayan de Oro the other week and i had breakfast at Mc Donalds Divisoria. After eating my breakfast, i then too the time to enjoy the view. Actually while eating i was already enjoying the view but took time to click my camera after eating already.


After breakfast i went to Liceo de Cagayan University and then to Capitol University. I took so many roads and signage shots but id like to share this signage from Capitol University.


I enjoyed walking around (after my official transaction of course!) in the big campus of the two universities i visited that day. I think it was a nice way to be slimquick in a natural way. I just walked and walked at same time enjoying the view and clicking my camera. I wish my camera lens can capture all the things that made my eyes spark with excitement. 🙂