New Year’s Morning Nature Shots

Our Weekend Memoirs

Please allow me to share another glimpse of our new year’s day again. 🙂  My camera hibernated this weekend eh.

It was confirmed the night before (3 am actually) that we were leaving early morning because we will attend church before Dimple and I will proceed to the van terminal for Jagna to catch our ferry at 4 pm.

I have stayed in the resort for 10 days but I was not done taking pictures really. It seems everyday I find something to photograph at. So here are a few:

The Hobbit House

If a guest wants to stay in this house, he or she must make an early reservation.
The couple that stayed in this house while we were there, made their reservation earl last year.
If you sleep inside you have the fan.  If you sleep up there, you have the fresh air.

An edible flower. 🙂

Am glad to find this before we grab our bags to leave.

Spending two weeks in beautiful island resort is very relaxing experience.  I hope to visit the place again someday.

More photos of the resort is at my


Sky Watching on New Year’s Day!

We traveled that day. From the resort (cabilao island) to the mainland (Bohol) and then from Jagna to Cagayan de Oro City. It was a rainy day. Some hours raining and showering and some hours the sky is just filled with thick clouds. Looks gloomy but deep in me i look forward to be home as i also miss my mom.  And i know i need to be home that day because right the next day students will start arriving.  And am right, before i reached the dorm, two students have arrived already.

Took this photo around 9:30 in the morning

That’s the only glimpse of the golden sun during that day.  Around 4 in the afternoon.

Photos for:

Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme:

Christmas Day 2010

Our Weekend Memoirs

Christmas Day 2010 was spent away from home. Dimple and I spent it in one of the resort islands in Bohol. Christmas night was spent away from the loud blasts of Christmas firecrackers that fills the city air.

What i love about it was the simple but special dinner of fish steak and jackfruit salad and the monggo bean soup.  Though for those who eats pork they can chose between the fish steak or the meat balls.

Here’s a few of my Christmas day photos. 🙂

The food! Together with this was the soup and mango shake to treat the sweet tooth. 🙂

One of the family guests enjoying their Christmas dinner.

The dancing Santa girls. 🙂 entertaining us with a dance.

The Achy Breaky Heart dance for everyone

The singing and dancing lasted for hours.  I thought i would not moved out of my seat but i did and it feels like a had more than an hour of gym time. lol!  Hit the bed at almost 1 am.  But before ending this post, here’s my last photo,

the fire of the Christmas spirit 🙂

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas weekend.

12 Days and Counting

We are away from my hometown for 12 days.  Six days has already passed and we are counting to the 12.  How i wish time would stop so that it would be forever holiday and there is no work but just live a life with no pressure.  But life is not like that.

It’s our 6th day in Bohol particularly in La Estrella Resort but i’ve spent only 1 full day at the resort and that was on Christmas Day (December 25, 2010).  All the other 5 days are spent away from the island.  Today was the 5th and Dimple was left behind as there were guests who traveled with us to Tagbilaran and on our way back, we also had 5 guests whom we met at the airport.  So we were full and just no space for Dimple. With the 5 days always leaving the resort, it feels like i started to feel that the trip is getting shorter and shorter but still i haven’t let go of the fear crossing the sea space between Mucpoc and La Estrella.  I have this fear of the sea because i can’t swim fgs! lol!

We arrived sometime before 7 pm and she was at the gazebo Facebooking.  I asked her how was her day and she said that she spent it  reading and she got online not very long before we arrived.

Anyway, i thought of posting a couple of pictures i took for a day.  I will post it in my photo blog so you can check out my photo blog from time to time.

I really need to do updates in all of my blogs.  I have this lappy with me and i can get online on the schedule times but most of the time am away from the resort and when we get back in the evening, Dimple is there. If there is no wifi then she has her anime movies.  So i almost don’t own my lappy.  She feels like she’s the owner. lol!

Nostalgia (My 16th)


The photo I am sharing is a photo of a lighthouse which is located in the Island of Cabilao, Bohol.  Just a stone throw away from La Estrella Beach Resort (old location).


This lighthouse brings back nice memories of a past love.  The first time i laid foot on this lighthouse was during the last few days of January in 1997.  I will say few days because i cannot remember the exact date anymore but i know it was around that time.  I was  3-4 weeks pregnant with my dd (dear daughter) 😀

With me to visit this spot was of course of course my boyfriend (Dimple’s dad.)  I am the type who is very scared of heights so i did not make it up to the top.  I guess i lasted midway and he took a photo of me.  I still have that photo now and it obviously shows that i was not relaxed up there, but i managed to smile.

He and I were there on a very important purpose but after 3 days we both felt  a little disappointed because  our mission on why we were was not happening.  Anyway, we sort of just think that the days we spent there was our advance Valentine’s day celebration as our initial plan was to spend Valentine’s day in Bohol, February 14 of that year.  But due to an emergency situation, so we had an early visit to the resort.  It was my first time. Not his because his mom owns the place. 🙂

In April 2008, Dimple and I had the chance to visit the resort again and yes, we had the chance to stroll to the lighthouse from the new location of the resort.  Taking that photo, memories came flashing back and i smiled to myself because i saw myself in his place long time ago taking picture of me up there.  Now, look at another photo and tell me who is up there —


A back view of someone with long hair.

Guess who?

That’s my daughter!

Oh my she was so brave to make her way to the top.  She even managed to stay awhile to enjoy the view.  I really envy her that time.  But i was already in a state where i can’t climb up heights anymore. lol!   I have i already increased my size twice from the first time i visited the spot.   So, i just end up her photographer of which i did not mind because i was feeling i was her dad. 🙂


She looked tensed yet she moved upward more.  She’s standing almost at the spot where i sat one day that end of January 2007 – and she was still 3- 4 weeks old fetus inside.  Now, in this photo, that little fetus is standing on the same spot.

How time flies!

Oh memories…you make my heart lighter. 🙂