On Band Instruments

I took an extension leave yesterday to attend the burial service of my cousin in Talakag, Bukidnon.

While on the way almost at the town, I observed that there were many festive flaglettes. Some street decors says – Aldaw a Talakag! It means it’s Talakag Day but there was no date reflected in the signages.   I then mused to myself that maybe one day, I can have the time to witness the main day so that I can see presentations. Unknowingly, yesterday was the big day —

First thing that took place was the parade – people representing the Municipality down to the barangays as well as other NGO’s.  Two bands guided the march.

It’s been a long time since I saw someone playing the lyre, so when i saw this —

 photo 20140317_085557.jpg

I was in a moment reminded of high school life, where every Wednesday there is a formation.

No one in the band was playing a trumpet with bach 3c trumpet mouthpiece from guitar center. There were only lyres, cymbals, big drums, and small drums. Even though the instruments were not complete, still it produced a music that inspired the band members and the majorettes and the other participants sway their butts and walk with gait. Even me myself, can’t prevent my head from moving in response to the rhythm of the drums.

Jocel’s Garden Suite



A first timer smile —

It was my first time to see the place.  Though I have heard about it a few times, but it was my first time to set foot of this cozy place where you can make it your home while you are visiting Valencia, Bukidnon.

This was the venue of the wedding reception so we dropped by there to leave the stuff to be used on Sunday.  I wish we have much moolah so we camp in there for 2 nights and 2 days but we decided to go up Mountain View College so that we can see friends aside from the fact that we will be having free accommodation. 🙂  Thanks to our gracious hosts.

Anyway, let me show you a glimpse of the area that my camera was able to capture:


The lush garden —


Inside one of the guestrooms —


The room got a cozy ambience —


Hot and cold shower! Hot water for those who can’t stand the
normal cool/cold of Bukidnon waters.–


Their dresser’s mirror was so clean and clear that I can’t help to this vanity shot ^^ —

These shots were made last October 27, 2012.  And this post is one of my backlogs. Sigh.  Anyway, we were on a hurry because if we were not then I would love to have a glimpse of all their rooms so that I can share it here.

Their standard room rate is as Php 850.00 (single occupancy) and the most is Php 1,350.00 (good for two).

They have complimentary breakfast and the area have unlimited wi-fi internet access.  Bloggers do love this idea! lol!

Jocel’s Garden Suites is located at Purok 2, Valencia City.  If you are looking for a place with serene beauty of nature, and a sure place where you can relax away from the sound of city life — then Jocel’s Garden Suites is the best choice.

I myself have to go back there one day. Maybe not to stay but to have an experience of coffee and sweets from Celien’s.

For more information, you can call them @ (63)  917-7192243 or (63) (88) 828-3676 or check them out in their website for a virtual tour of the place.  They are on Facebook, too!

A Quick Visit at the Hilltop

I would say quick because we arrived at the campus 12 midnight of Friday so that only left me Saturday to go around and take some pictures.  Good thing we decided to go down after an early lunch so I had a short time to walk around some places that I haven’t had a glimpse since I left the portals of MVC many years ago.

The walk I did that Sunday morning filled me with nostalgia.  I was taking my time as I walked from Brgy Uno to the Guesthouse area, to the ramps going to the Cafeteria, then off my way to the fastfoods to buy the ever-missed famous stick bread.  From there, I decided to go back to Brgy Uno via Jamandre Village.

The walk made me see many improvements – like new buildings/houses and landscapes.  The site of old houses and buildings did not escape my sight, too.  There were still a handful of them and somehow, they will be renovated or at least they gonna build more new buildings and have those faculty relocated.

Anyway, I enjoyed my walk that morning.  Good thing the battery did not ran out of me.  Here are a few of my photos taken that Saturday morning on my way to the FKA.


Mt. Kitanglad was dressed in fluffy white clouds




A view of the JP from inside the FKA that Saturday noon.

R & R @ Lake Apo

Today is not one of my lazy day but I am wishing am out somewhere doing and R & R at Lake Apo in Bukidnon.  I’ve been there once and I when I left I promised that I have to go back once more if not many times.

The place, Dr. Almer called it “The Timeless Place” is an idyllic place to for relaxation.  Far from the noise of city life.  Life can be peaceful because it’s not anytime that your phone will beep for an incoming message or will ring for an incoming call. If your mind is really set to be free from city hustle and bustle at least for the weekend, you will be able to leave the place refreshed and rejuvinated.

PhotobucketOne of the views you can enjoy there.

The view there was really breathtaking that if the rest house have one of those Adirondack rocking chair, then you would enjoy the view in a more relaxing way. They do have reclining wooden seats that adds up to the elegant country living, but I wish they also have the rocking chairs.

Saddle Ridge Camp

If you like to have a break away from the huzz and buzz of the city, and enjoy the time with nature, then Dahilayan Adventure Zone is one of the places to visit when you are here in Northern Mindanao.

Since the time i posted my photos at FB taken during the Spiritual Retreat, several people have been asking where was the place and how much to stay there.  To answer the inquiries, I am making this post.

Location: Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon


Cottage Rate: P1,500.00 good for 4 persons


~~New Buildking~~

Room Rate: P2,000 good for 4 persons

There is also this but i forgot to ask the rate:


They cater to big number of people just like our group.  But if you go in a small group like four persons, you can enjoy meals at Cowboy’s Grill.  Their menu prices are very affordable and I heard they have big and yummy servings.

There is also a little food shop just a few steps away from the gate of the Camp called Chef’s Favorite.  I looked at the menu written in their menu board, they serve food to satisfy your sweet tooth.

For more inquiries and reservation, you may call or text Nora in these numbers:

0922-8844856 or 63 922-8844856
0920-9615136 or 63 920-9615136

Back from a Weekend Trip

Just a short note to say am back from the trip to Mountain View College.  The trip was for my daughter as she was there for the whole week yet it also refreshes me of my college days memories.  It’s a weekend trip.  We left Iligan Friday morning and arrived just awhile ago.  So i missed the time checking out these catalogs for the Christmas holidays. I thought that mommy duty must come first before anything else.

There were only 22 schools that attended so the campsite was not filled with people.  There was not even a trace of campers or visitors in some common spots.    Mountain View College is situated in up the hills of Nebo in Valencia City, Bukidnon.  It’s around 30-40 minutes travel up the rough roads towards the top hills.


My last visit there was two years ago so am happy to be able to visit this weekend.  Luckily, i met one of my dormitory roommates.  She married her college sweetheart so we really had fun recalling our many college happenings.  We also met one of our highschool schoolmate and oh my we laugh just like there was no tomorrow.  Schooling years were so much fun in spite of the challenge of studying hard.

This is my first time to visit MVC as a parent and doing duty as a parent. It was a nice feeling yet it’s reminding me and my friends that we are not getting younger anymore.

photo credit: sunshineforlife

Sky Watch Friday # 52


One of the beautiful Bukidnon skies i took last year.   There’s a not a single trace of air pollution that can be seen. 🙂

Wanna see more skies?  Then click the widget above photo.  Thanks.

Happy Week-end everyone!


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