Places I wanna See Abroad

I also wish of travelling abroad — to work, or to study, or just plainly go vacationing. Top on my lists are the following countries: India (Taj Mahal) Egypt (Pyramids) Greece (the Ruins) Lebanon Thailand (Bangkok & Chiangmai) Kuwait (my love is there) Bahrain ( to meet Mitch and Deye) Riyadh, KSA (Mecca) Afghanistan Iran… Continue Reading

Places in My County I Wanna Visit

I love travelling. I love the feeling of being in a moving bus, boat, train or flying plane. Just don’t let me sit beside someone who easily gets airsick or carsick or bus sick because no doubt i will also get sick. =) Even am not financially well to do –BUT i don’t stop wishing… Continue Reading

Influence of Ordinal Position on Children

I am the eldest of 3 siblings. I got a younger sister who at this time is having same age as me. (Gonna change mine in few days. hmmmm). Our youngest is a boy –which i think complicated more the hardship my mom has to go through. As the eldest child — I have so… Continue Reading

The "8-hour" Shift

The first “real” job i had after college was in a hospital. I worked in an environment with many nurses and doctors. For more than a year, i stayed in a dormitory that most of the occupants are nurses and one of the things that made me envy them is their time of work —… Continue Reading

The Need To Pray More

Christians are always admonished to live Godly life daily. The Bible speaks of how God living as a man on earth and was unhumanly treated but still become triumphant over sin. For someone like me who has spent 15 years in an Adventist school and has grown up in an Adventist family – we are… Continue Reading


When everything seems to go wrong, just PUSHWhen people don’t react the way you think they should, just PUSHWhen your money looks funny and the bills are due, just PUSHWhen people don’t understand you, just PUSH. Let me tell you what it stand for: P – PRAYU- UNTILS – SOMETHINGH – HAPPENS If your life… Continue Reading

Smilin’ and Talkin’i is Better than Screamin

Everytime I saw or heard couples fighting, I get a bit affected. Not in a way that I wanna come into their middle, but i tried to reason things out inside my brain and if both does not act like what i thought they should do, I end up upset. Crazy Me.Earlier I was watching… Continue Reading