When everything seems to go wrong, just PUSHWhen people don’t react the way you think they should, just PUSHWhen your money looks funny and the bills are due, just PUSHWhen people don’t understand you, just PUSH. Let me tell you what it stand for: P – PRAYU- UNTILS – SOMETHINGH – HAPPENS If your life… Continue Reading

Smilin’ and Talkin’i is Better than Screamin

Everytime I saw or heard couples fighting, I get a bit affected. Not in a way that I wanna come into their middle, but i tried to reason things out inside my brain and if both does not act like what i thought they should do, I end up upset. Crazy Me.Earlier I was watching… Continue Reading

My Firsts

New moms love to take note of their FIRST baby’s FIRSTS. My mom is now 65 years old and i wonder if she can still recall some of my FIRSTS as a baby. hehehe. I was a “home-away mom” so i don’t have a record of my girl’s firsts. I guess we jst have in… Continue Reading

What Will You Be When You Grow Up?

When i was still a little girl (before grade school), my parents or aunts and uncles would ask me that. My answer would always be, I am going to be a stewardes. They would reply, what? a stewardess?. Yes, a stewardess of China Airlines. And now i can still feel the proudness of my voice… Continue Reading

They Shay Story

Below is a story whose author i did not know. I don’t know if this is a true account or the author just wanted to let us read this to boost up our morals. Whoever wrote this — thanks to you — it made me shed a tear.At a fundraising dinner for a school that… Continue Reading

Is She Pregant?

She’s a family. She manifested some questionable actions lately. Though she is close but really haven’t taken time to know her personal life. She’s still a student and also struggling financially to finish college. And as family, I do want her to finish up and work and make a life of her own comfortably opposite… Continue Reading

Not New to Blogging


Actually this is not my first blog although i’ve posted last night that this is a new blog and that was my first post. 😀 Yes, this is not my first blog. If you have time, I would appreciate it if you can visit my other sites: All About Her Life is What We Make… Continue Reading

Can You Dance?

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I can’t but with this blog theme, I can. 🙂 I liken life to a dance step that no matter how hard it is and it does not matter you go to dance school to learn to dance it, yet — one has to dance according to the tune of what comes in a day…. Continue Reading