Celebs Look-Alike :-)

I found this in my draft folder and it was being drafted in 2008. I tried checking it out if I could make an update, unfortunately, the Celebrity-Look-Alikes no longer exist.  But the Heritage website is still the same, but it’s now a site that will help make your family as long as you provide the right data. 🙂

So these are my look-alikes back in 2008.


Remembering my FEO

FAO stands for Foreign Expert Officer.  A person gets this job description if their school hiring foreign teachers.    They are the ones who does the endless needed paper works of the school regarding the hiring and getting permits.   Since I was their first foreign teacher, then it was like a trial and error for him.  Good thing, their city officers are always give time for the papers to be done, then there was not much problem.  Mr. Bin was one  of the FAO i worked with that I cannot forget because of his friendliness and kindness.  He is charming! A right word for him.  He is a friend to everyone and since he thinks am so far away from home, he is extra kind to me.  Always making me laugh.

This is Mr. Liu Bin and Helen in a Mongolian native costume.
They paid for this attire just for picture purposes.

Since today is Chinese new year, I remember my Chinese friends in a special way.  If I am there I can surely treat them for a free cigars – not just Mr. Bin but all all my guy friends who loves cigars.   Even though I don’t like them smoking in front of me but there are special occasions when I just tolerate them.

Karaoke Time is a Happy Time!

My niece and nephews came to visit late on Christmas day.  Why?  Because they sang the night away.  Someone in the family rented a karaoke machine and they had the whole night taking turns in singing in their hearts out.

Karaoke machine is now out in the market for a long time.  I did not take the interest into buying one because it might sit in a corner because people at home are busy.

I love to sing.  I sing in the shower but still I am not brave enough to sing out with friends in a karaoke bar.  But I will take this opportunity for friends to come and visit since I will be having a karaoke in my own living room.  Music room? Oh how I wish for it.  – in Later time!

Extending Our Help

I wonder at times when relatives and friends come to you for help – how willing you are then to really give the help that the person needs.  Personally, when I can, I do. But if I cannot, I have a hard time telling them that I cannot, especially if those people who are asking for help are more older than you.


I think the food is the easiest thing to give away. You can give food to someone who is hungry.  You can share food any time to anyone.  i always believe that blessings shared do come back in manifold form.  But human as I am, I feel annoyed helping people who are so capable of finding means to work for money so that they can buy food, yet they just think that asking for food (beggars) is easier than working out their strength in any form of a job.


If you do not have some, then money is the hardest thing you can give away.  True or not? For me, it is true. I am one who does not have a big stash of amount in the bank.  Bad thing really but I cannot deny it.  So if you can see beggar on the streets, don’t give them cash, feed them instead.


Sometimes, it is nice to give clothes away.  But keep in mind that what we give away is still wearable.  I am sure the recipient will feel bad that what you give them is already good for the rags.


Time is very precious.  So time shared is a golden opportunity.

So whatever we have, be it food, money, clothing, or time – may we share it with a happy heart.

She Bids me to Play

Online! Wahhh that sounds scary. And i always reason out that I don’t have credit card so I can’t play, but Jean, a cousin is really dragging me into it that I should try it one time. Huh! Well, as long as it is her expenses then let me try.


The game she wanted to let me try is playing in one of the online casinos. I really told her that i don’t like to know a thing on this game because who knows later it will be addicting and I will end up borrowing lots of money so that I could play. LOL! But she assured me that won’t happen to me. So she is introducing me to some online casinos.


As I have mentioned in my previous posts, USA online casinos is one of the biggest and reliable hosts when it comes to online casinos. My cousins can really attest to that. While I was going thru the site earlier, my daughter then ohhhhd and ahhhhd saying — hmmm that is a game. Can we play that? I said No! hahahaha! Well, she is still too young for games like this. Right?
So those of you who are adults and daring in online games, check out their site. You can also discover other casinos – not just USA casinos but also Italian, German, French, Spanish and Danish casinos.

Music Store Hopping in Cebu City

After the new year, I traveled to Cebu City to catch up with my daughter.  She’s with her cousins and Omi.  I was suppose to be with her before the new year in the island of Cabilao, but due to typhoon Senyang, I was not able to make it.

I almost cannot believe that I travelled almost the whole first day of the year as well as most of the day on the 2nd day of the year.  It could have been nice if the weather was perfect. But nah, it was cloudy and the boat had some bumpy moments in the seas especially the trip from Tagbilaran to Bohol.  I did not stop calling unto God to bless us by letting us arrive on shore still in one piece.  We did! Thanks be to Him.

One day before our trip back to Cagayan de Oro, together with her grandma, we went to SM Music shops to look for a classic guitar. The prices made my jaw dropped. Wide open but was so quick to zipped it up before anyone would give me unsolicited attention. lol!  All the musical instruments on sale were of good quality.  So it’s like I can’t complain.  Not all were on discounted price so I said to myself, better luck next time.

We board the boat bound for Cagayan de Oro with my daughter’s new guitar, her precious guitar.

Keep Your Feet Firmly on the Ground

 photo keepyourfeetfirmlyontheground_zps5453b82c.jpg

So true!

Some people fails to appreciate where they come from when they have reached their ambitions in life. Some even make it worst by being so light-headed when they have gained some small victories on their way to bigger victories. I just think that God will not be happy when we feel so proud of our achievements. Failing to realized the source of all goodness in this life. So, may this quote reminds us to be always humble in whatever status we are in this life’s journey.

How Can You Change Resolution Of Video Using Movavi Converter for Windows?

Changing video resolution is not a difficult thing to expatiate, provided you know bit about it. For starters, it is mostly expressed by width x height, where value set in pixels. There are only two kinds of resolution, first is knows as Standard Definition of SD and second is known as High Definition or HD; second is mostly in use these days. Most of the standard resolution that are being used by many consists of below specification.

  • 720 x 576 (DVD)
  • 720 x 480 (DVD)
  • 640 x 480 (video)
  • 640 x 360 (video)

Now HD quality videos have a slightly different resolution that consists of;

  • 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
  • 1280 x 720 (720p)

If you happen to reduce the resolution, which is necessary so as to upload a video that is already Full HD or HD to a mobile device, then you will certainly have to get it to a specific resolution and size. Increasing resolution is seldom done because the quality doesn’t improve, but only the size of video grows. Those are required when you have shot a low-resolution feed and need to burn it on a DVD, then because of the standard DVD burning requirements you will have to increase the resolution to at least 720 x 480.

 photo resolution-icon.png

Here is a comprehensive guide to change resolutions for all your videos that you may want to do.

  1. Install: This is the first requisite that you have to furnish. Download the .exe file then install it following onscreen instruction. It is completely compatible with the latest Windows 8 as well as has all the current processing technologies for video editing.
  2. Add video for necessary editing to program: Run the program and add the video to it.
  3. Select desired output: Now select the desired format of output that you want. You can choose appropriate preset here.
  4. Video resolution: Here you can select a predefined video resolution that you want or need.
  5. Convert: All things done satisfactory, now you may save the file after conversion is complete.

Selecting what you want to be done from the interface is absolutely convenient. There is not much that you will have to learn prior to using this software. It is completely dependable and it can be used by anyone who knows how to operate a computer. You will be happy that you spend time on downloading it and then installing it. Many users have admitted that once they started using it, they immediately deleted all the other similar software from their system. Indeed, it is something that you must try at this instance and find out how convenient it makes all your resolution setting needs at www .movavi.com/support/how-to/video-resolution.html.