My Bucket List

There’s a long list in my mind for a very long time already.  I thought it’s just gonna be there for forever.  Some wishes happened year by year.  It’s 2018 now so I guess I should write it down so I can literally cross out if a WISH or something I really wanted to do or something I coveted in a LONG time HAPPENS!

I am going to write everything down with no deadlines and with a HOPE that I can…


  1. learn to ride/drive a bike
  2. learn to swim
  3. go scuba diving
  4. blog 100 ++ posts this year 2018
  5. Read a book inside a library whole day
  6. visit all hospitals under SSD (Philippines done in 2015)
  7. Mayon Volcano
  8. Southern Luzon of the Philippines
  9. Tawi – Tawi
  10. Melaka, Malaysia
  11. Penang (again) Malaysia
  12. New York, USA
  13. Seoul – autumn season
  14. Seoul – winter season
  15. Japan – spring season
  16. Bullet train
  17. A live famous k-pop concert
  18. Fan Meet-up: Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jung Suk
  19. A Maxim Mrvica concert & a selfie
  20. A Yanni concert & a selfie
  21. A Andrea Bocelli concert & a selfie
  22. Batanes
  23. Guimaras
  24. Greece
  25. Germany
  26. Poland (Krakow | inspired by the film Schindler’s List)
  27. Romania
  28. Mongolia
  29. Russia
  30. France
  31. Taj Majal
  32. Philippine Treasures
    1. Apo Island (Turtles)
    2. Manjuyod Bar (Bais City)
    3. Golden Mosque (interior)
    4. Bongao, Tawi Tawi
    5. Pink Mosque
    6. Guimaras Island (Mango Festival)
    7. Calamian Islands (Palawan)
      1. Coron
      2. Busuanga
      3. Calauit
      4. Culion
    8. Caramoran, Catanduanes
      1. Parompong Islands
      2. Tignob
      3. Calabagio
    9. Parompong Islands
    10. Marilog / Lorega (Bukidnon)
    11. Siargao
    12. Enchanted Kingdom
    13. Taal Volcano (up close)
    14. Mayon Volcano (Legaspi)
      1. Cagsawa Ruins
    15. Mt. Pinatubo
    16. Apo Whang Od (Kalinga)
  33. Get drunk in style. lols!
  34. Kiss in the rain
  35. Dance in the rain
  36. Make love on the beach
  37. Travel with daughter to the US
  38. Coffee day out with the daughter’s boyfriend
  39. Travel with the daughter with her boyfriend
  40. Travel together with my daughter and son

as of January 11, 2017

Okey, the above list will happen on any order.  And I will be adding more to this list as the days go by.
I promise that…Before I die, I will do everything on my bucketlist.