Yay It’s Friday!

I always love to say, “thank God, it’s Friday!”

Today is another Friday. The five days feels like any week where everyone is busy and me too is busy.  I was so busy that I have to have less sleep so I can maintain my sanity during me time by reading.  I spent an hour or two of reading before letting my tired self slumber off to la la land.

The week has come to an end so fast.

More thoughts later as I am going to the market now.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mountains and Valleys

From my mailbox. Thanks Chris –

“I sought the LORD, and he answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.” ~ Psalm 34:4 NIV
Every life is an unfolding series of events; some fabulous, some not so fabulous, and some downright disheartening. When you reach the mountaintops of life, praising God is easy. But, when the storm clouds form overhead, your faith will be tested, sometimes to the breaking point. As a believer, you can take comfort in this fact: Wherever you find yourself, whether at the top of the mountain or the depths of the valley, God is there, and because He cares for you, you can live courageously.

The next time you find your courage tested to the limit, remember that God is your shield and your strength; He is your protector and your deliverer. Call upon Him in you hour of need and He will protect you.

photo by Sunshine2008

Am Off to Malaybalay

I will have an early start tomorrow and we will travel for 4 hours to Malaybalay City. We will spend the Sabbath there for an AHP fellowship and meeting. Every other month, they have this activity and tomorrow’s turn to host is the Malaybalay City Chapter. This would then be my first time to go with the group out of Iligan area. 🙂 HOpe to see some friends over there. When I mentioned to Rhoen that am going to go to Malaybalay tomorrow he said that i should not forget to bring my camera. of course! Camera is always in my bag except when i intentionally don’t want to carry it.

I will be back home very late in the evening and am not sure if i can still check online. But surely i will be back on Sunday unless i will be glued to the tube. And ohhh it’s Dimple’s dadooo bday tomorrow, i wish our wishes can reach him. But anyhow, bahala ug dili, we will still wish him. 😀

Here’s for a week-end thought:

Inspiration Myspace Quotes

’til next post, friends! smile! xoxoxoxoxo

Offline Tomorrow for 8 Hrs.

You may have noticed, my saturday meme was done now because tomorrow I can’t do it anymore. Power will be off from 8 am until 5 pm. I am sure it is going to be a very warm day at home so I am thinking of spending Sabbath at my highschool Alma Mater – MMA. It’s going to be my aunt’s batch reunion and she asked me to come along with her to attend the Sabbath there.
So am wishing everyone a nice week-end. Hpe to be back online tomorrow, night.
Good night, everyone!

Not So Good

Since the lab result the other day, I find myself not eating well. I don’t mean i don’t like the food, I just really don’t feel like eating. Last night, an aunt came to make a short visit and the first thing she said was, “wow, you lose weight! What did you do?” I said I dunno. But really, I just felt it. I feel so lightweight and even light headed. I feel nauseous looking at the food. Am suppose to go to church this morning but I had a very bad tummy ache maybe because I didn’t eat even a morsel last night and this morning I don’t feel like eating too. 🙁 I still haven’t visited the bathroom maybe because I didn’t have sth to release in my stomach. hahaha

Even my sleep is not straight. Am snoring awhile and after sometime am mind woke me up and am left staring at the ceiling. I really wonder what’s wrong with me. Is it really my health bothering me or is it my someone? Today is Saturday and I am hoping he would come, but sorry, am off to nearby place in the afternoon to help the preparation for tomorrow’s wedding. I will be one of the ninangs and I hope when I come back, I got some pics to share. I will be back tomorrow night for sure.

Wishing everyone a nice week-end!

Tears are a Language

I think it’s been awhile i haven’t let a tears fall freely. Falling like toxins flowing out of a newly opened bottle. Right now I feel so full. Full of pain inside heart and a thousand confusing thoughts clogged my brain. I went out to see a friend earlier to sort of wanna laugh with a friend but instead of laugh i ended up crying. Hot tears spilled out.

Just a minute back, i read this“The Meaning of Life” poem by David at Poem 2.0 which sort of lighten a bit my thoughts but yet didn’t prevent me from letting tears fall again.

Really, i have so much in my heart that can’t be talk out loud to anyone but God. Because I know even before I could speak out, God can already see what’s in there.

And here’s the poem —

When love abounds and life is good
sweet words of wisdom are understood.

From the hilltops to the valley low
peace and good tidings always flow.

Joy and happiness are all around
patience and kind words do abound.

The meaning of life is oh so simple
if only love was to be kindled


My connection was really crawling Friday eve and also last night that made me unable to log online to browse and even to make comments if i blog hop. I was mad so I miss posting.

I went to church yesterday morning and it was spiritually refreshing. Thanks to the wonderful spoken & music message of Dr. Ondap – it vanishes some doubts away. In the afternoon i spent time at my friend’s home with dimple. we chat and nap and read magazines aside from eating. hehehehe. Got home around 9 pm already.

I slept at 5 am this morning and I can say yesterday was a good day!

Good Friday Indeed!

You may read my Good Friday thoughts here so I don’t have to rewrite them again in this blog. But I hpe that everyone is blessedly contemplating on Jesus’ death long time ago and we will be convinced that without His death we would be a subject to eternal death. So we can just imagine how much is God’s love for us —

The holiday is almost over. I mean the 3 day of supposedly no work has passed, but not for me. I spend most of my 3 days at work in my office. We are not yet done. If it is not Friday today, am sure by now, I won’t be blogging here. I would still be working. Thank God it’s Friday, I can rest from my labors but really I can’t help to look forward to sunset tomorrow so that i can go buy some stuff to be needed in the office for the work tomorrow night. Tomorrow night would be our last night to prepare everything that is needed for the inspection on Sunday after lunch.

I slept around 10 pm last night and because my phone died between 5am to 8am, the clock did not scream at me. Fortunately, one of the staff who wnated to go into the function room sent a prson to borrow my key. Thus i was able to get up at 8:30. hahahaha. I arrived in the office around 9:15 and had my phone charged. 2 important messages have arrived before my phone went dead:

1. One is that my mom did not go to Cagayan to visit his brother in the hospital but they spend the night last night in vigil because the brother died possibly before they arrived. I did not know that my uncle died. Well, it’s the best for him. Because of the alcohol, complications got hold of his body – so he died. He is now totally free from pain.

2. Another one is from son’s dad informing me that his mom died at 3 am today. She’s 87. I did not reply to this text and an hour later he called me up. I told him that we have death in our family too and if my place is just like Laguna from Apalit, Pampanga, then surely I would be there today. But no….am beyond the seas. He said, they understand. I wished then condolence. Am sure they all are blessed that nanay is now totally at rest.

Supposedly this day is to be spent in relaxation to meditate, but at the office, everyone is in a whirl to finish up the work. Now am back home, I get the time to contemplate and meditate that today is a special day for remembering God’s death that brought salvation to mankind, and the death of my relatives brought peace to themselves and to the family that’s left behind.

I wish every a blessed Good Friday and that we should not be sad as God did rise from the Dead and am positive that I will also see my relatives when the resurrection morning comes.