Trending News: Lee Min Ho & Suzy Bae’s Break-up

Warning: All thoughts written here are my personal opinion. It seems I do not know what to do when I saw the breaking news on Youtube. As an avid Lee Min Ho fan since Boys Over Flowers, this news got me happy and excited. If there is one thing that LMH did and made me… Continue Reading

Adventure Park @ Alindahaw Lakeview Resort

If you love taking pictures and you are checked in at Alindahaw Lakeview Resort, then you cannot stop clicking.  Our small group team went on  an overnight accommodation at the resort.  Many thought that it was not an ideal destination, thus, only few went with the group. After traveling almost 5 hours in two types… Continue Reading

#EatIligan 2.0 | Pop Snack

I am an Iliganon yet, I’ve never been to most food joints in my own city.  Thanks to Iligan Bloggers Society for showcasing different good food outlets around Iligan. It gave me an opportunity what places to recommend to friends and visitors. Pop Snack Iligan is my second stop for this week-end appointment.  The summer… Continue Reading

That DJ Guy

I happen to know someone who love to work as a DJ.  He is really good at it.  Sometimes when he does voice overs in church, I said to my myself, that this guy will really go a long way in life in the field of communication if he finishes school.  Unfortunately, in order to… Continue Reading

Election 2013: I Voted!

The blue sky looks so beautiful. Thanks for the hours of rain last night, the sky looks so inspiring and seems to encourage me to go out to my precinct area to cast my vote. I have heard that precincts were clustered and I have not checked which area should I go directly. Thanks to… Continue Reading

Save Money by Using Washable Adult Cloth Diapers


When I read this article, it reminds me of the time a month before my father died.  He was so sick that later, he cannot move bowels anymore by going to the loo.  So to make things comfy for him, we purchased disposable diaper for him.  I do not have any idea on what was… Continue Reading

This Blog Supports the Cause for Peace

November is just around the corner and one of the highlights of this month is the Blog Blast for Peace.  This blog has joined yearly since I discovered the call in 2008.  This year will then be our fourth year. So check out Mimi’s blog on how to join this cause this year. The 2012… Continue Reading

Drinking from Plastic Bottles

Water in a bottle is a constant buddy for me when I am out traveling.  And I would be the luckiest if I can find a free refilling spot to save me from spending few pesos.  But I really do not mind buying bottled water when on the go because being hydrated is very important… Continue Reading