Underground Arts

I chance upon these underground arts while going home from the Korean Embassy last May. I was so amazed because it is my first time to see art wall along the streets of Manila. I know that there are some walls displaying colorful arts but never been to one yet.


The first time I passed by, I took a photo of three of the arts. I was in a hurry eh. So I thought I’ll do the complete set the next time I passed by. I was still familiarizing the way, and it was already getting late plus I was in a hurry.


Two days later, I came by the same way again. It’s quite a long walk from Telus building, but it’s the cheapest route for me. During the second time, I really took the time to take pics of all the painted wall.


I did not mind the stares of some passers by. I think they too admired the art, but felt shy to take pictures.


If you wanna know where these nice wall art done, it’s in Makati. It’s one of the underground passage going to the bus stop near the Stock Exchange Plaza.


The colorful art can perk up a tired and weary face. But for most of the busy people, they fail to take a pause and appreciate the beauty they are passing by.

If you can see one next time, try to pause awhile and look up and enjoy the art.

Pink Fridays 2/213 : That Lady in Pink

 photo pinkfridays_zpsjstvtsp8.jpg

 photo IMG_0940_zpsznuxcqi2.jpg

Me and my friends wearing the Hanbok at Gwanghamon Square in Seoul, South Korea. Me and my friends but honestly, we do not know that lady in pink with white top. We (nardo actually) asked her to join us because she looks so pretty in her pink Hanbok (she walked around the area wearing that). There she is with us and now I know why she’s there with us. It’s because I can use this photo as an entry to Pink Fridays.

Music Store Hopping in Cebu City

After the new year, I traveled to Cebu City to catch up with my daughter.  She’s with her cousins and Omi.  I was suppose to be with her before the new year in the island of Cabilao, but due to typhoon Senyang, I was not able to make it.

I almost cannot believe that I travelled almost the whole first day of the year as well as most of the day on the 2nd day of the year.  It could have been nice if the weather was perfect. But nah, it was cloudy and the boat had some bumpy moments in the seas especially the trip from Tagbilaran to Bohol.  I did not stop calling unto God to bless us by letting us arrive on shore still in one piece.  We did! Thanks be to Him.

One day before our trip back to Cagayan de Oro, together with her grandma, we went to SM Music shops to look for a classic guitar. The prices made my jaw dropped. Wide open but was so quick to zipped it up before anyone would give me unsolicited attention. lol!  All the musical instruments on sale were of good quality.  So it’s like I can’t complain.  Not all were on discounted price so I said to myself, better luck next time.

We board the boat bound for Cagayan de Oro with my daughter’s new guitar, her precious guitar.

Overnight @ Ozamis City

During my birthday last month, I went on a birthday trip to Siquijor.  Thanks to Alex, for helping me make the trip possible.

Iligan City is still 5 hrs away from Dapitan, so we are leaving the night before our journey to Dapitan.  Dapitan is our jump off point to Dumaguete en route to Siquijor. Hoping to arrive Siquijor that same day we traveled from Dapitan.

We left Iligan, Friday afternoon, after my work.  We took the bus going to Mukas since it will take a longer time to wait for the bus that goes direct to Ozamis.  I had a booking at the Western Mindanao Conference guesthouse so I was confident that we will have a good sleep before we start the long journey the next day.

This is our accommodation for the night:

 photo IMG_1395.jpg

we stayed in a room where eight couples can be accommodated. So you can just imagine how comfortable we are. I had one bed for me and the other one for alex. I almost had a hard time dragging myself out of bed that morning because the mattress is just so firm enough and the pillows are fluffy. I can really spell C O M F O R T A B L E correctly! Thank you my friend, Mr. WMC President for that overnight accommodation.

After we left the campus, we decided to have breakfast before proceeding to the terminal.

Spell breakfast…

 photo IMG_1396.jpg

J O L L I B E E!

On Band Instruments

I took an extension leave yesterday to attend the burial service of my cousin in Talakag, Bukidnon.

While on the way almost at the town, I observed that there were many festive flaglettes. Some street decors says – Aldaw a Talakag! It means it’s Talakag Day but there was no date reflected in the signages.   I then mused to myself that maybe one day, I can have the time to witness the main day so that I can see presentations. Unknowingly, yesterday was the big day —

First thing that took place was the parade – people representing the Municipality down to the barangays as well as other NGO’s.  Two bands guided the march.

It’s been a long time since I saw someone playing the lyre, so when i saw this —

 photo 20140317_085557.jpg

I was in a moment reminded of high school life, where every Wednesday there is a formation.

No one in the band was playing a trumpet with bach 3c trumpet mouthpiece from guitar center. There were only lyres, cymbals, big drums, and small drums. Even though the instruments were not complete, still it produced a music that inspired the band members and the majorettes and the other participants sway their butts and walk with gait. Even me myself, can’t prevent my head from moving in response to the rhythm of the drums.

The Weather Should Not Ruin a Trip

Don’t let the torrents spoil your travel plans. Certainly, this is the best time to look for discount tour packages. Hook up your laptop with the free wifi connection anywhere and start looking  the best value tours around. You might be lucky enough to find your dream island getaway.

There are a hosts of travel agencies around the city that offer all inclusive deals which can include airfare and hotel accommodation. Some packages may offer sightseeing tours to famous landmarks, museums, parks and other notable areas within the specified itineraries. Make sure to plan ahead and never to book flights at peak season.  If you love traveling on peak season be sure to book ahead.

But for a melancholic like me, I love the place when it is almost deserted.  I can find more meaningful visit in a place where I can took some time to contemplate and not being bumped at because of the crowd.   All I beg from above then a beautiful weather.

Wanted Puppy Dog

A friend of mine tasked me to look for a puppy dog for her. One that is pure breed or at least half half with another breed. Her budget for purchase is 5,000.00. I posted in my facebook the wanted ads but have to take it down immediately because we have a neighbor whose pet dog gave birth to 3 golden retrievers. It is still two weeks old so they will wait for it turn a month or two before it will be on the ads for sale.

 photo DSC01798.jpg

This photo was taken at the airport in Bangkok and I can fully remember that before I left NAIA 3, I saw several sport dog that is used as security dogs. They look friendly but never dared to touch them because they are trained not to play with strangers.

Even now, if you touch down Manila airports, there are security dogs within the check-in area.