Self-Talk Wednesday

I have many things to say but I cannot find the right phrase to start so I can let all the things i wanna say out of my system. This blog has been sitting for so long already.  I’ve been renewing the domain, but still I did not find myself making a post, even at… Continue Reading

Moderate to Prevent Spammy Comments

Incoming comments for this blog are being moderated but I am wondering now that from time to time spam goes right into my comment dashboard.  Akismet is on so I really don’t know where the problem lies. Oh well, at least it’s moderated so at least i can still bar these spammy comments from showing… Continue Reading

on waiting


are you good at waiting? can you wait for someone or anyone for an hour or two and still all smiiles and feeling good when the person arrives. or you can still smile but your inside is burning with anger and your blood pressure shooted up silently. hehehe well, if i have to answer that,… Continue Reading

it feels like…

i dunno what i wanna do now. my brain is dry. something is amiss why my mind does not perk up to make me able to write sth exciting or at least me laughing in what i wrote. maybe am just tired…but why? i slept before 11 last night. someone is thinking of me. wish… Continue Reading



I watched a bit of Sharon last night. I just came in from dinner with friends (after the graduation program) and I got home tired and hot due to the weather. I decided to sit down a bit to watch the program. It was about Teenage Pregnancy. One question that caught my attention was when… Continue Reading

A Quick Note


Am on the run but before I will do so let me say to friends who dropped comments that I will get back to you later tonight or anytime of the day if I can. I am going now to Cagayan de Oro for the last day before the burial of my mom’s brother. I… Continue Reading

yahoooo friends :)


Smileeeeeeeee 🙂 I guess i have many reasons to smile today. I woke up feeling fine enough to meet the day with a smile. I know today would be real different from the previous days when pressure was holding me on the neck. For the information of everyone, today is the last day of the… Continue Reading

The Blue is Still Blue this morning


Yaps. Had a sleepless night. I was up almost all night on the net but my mind was blank on what to write or post on my two main blogs. What I did was upload pictures in my friendster account (pics of the gathering the other day) and also blogged there. I posted a 1… Continue Reading