A Happy Place

If I will ask this with anyone, surely I will be given a long list of answers, and each answer varies from the other.  Even a married couple often have different answers.  Why? Because sometimes a happy place is not a physical place, although many would answer me with strings of places.

Now, if I will answer this question then I would say, my happy place would be a place where I will be happy, and it may not mean a place that is perfect and free from wars and other troubles.  It may be a place where I can enjoy my solitude, yet I not lonely.  A place where I can do things which I love doing aside from work – it may be sorting my postcards and writing someone about it, or coloring mandalas while listening to soft music.  It may be a place where I can watch a nice movie and I can laugh like crazy and even cry like I am the one hurt in the movie and no one is going to judge me that I look a mess or acting like a mess.

My happy place at any moment may not need costly tickets.  The place may not be somewhere posh.  It may just be a small nook or most of the time, it is my bedroom.

How about you? Where is your happy place?

Yay It’s Friday!

I always love to say, “thank God, it’s Friday!”

Today is another Friday. The five days feels like any week where everyone is busy and me too is busy.  I was so busy that I have to have less sleep so I can maintain my sanity during me time by reading.  I spent an hour or two of reading before letting my tired self slumber off to la la land.

The week has come to an end so fast.

More thoughts later as I am going to the market now.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Self-Talk Wednesday

I have many things to say but I cannot find the right phrase to start so I can let all the things i wanna say out of my system.

This blog has been sitting for so long already.  I’ve been renewing the domain, but still I did not find myself making a post, even at least once a month.

Some days, I wanted to blog, but I just do not have the jumping energy to start the first post.  Sometimes I am filled with excitement that I have tons of things to write, but suddenly in a moment, I lost the mental strength even to log in. Sad no?

Oh no! What is happening to me!??

At the moment, my desk is filled with multiple tasks –all have deadlines! The CSM tabulation, the stuff needing for the Anniversary activity kick-off, the details for the bench-marking trip — tickets, reportables and so on…My system is filled, but a small part of me wanted to sit in a nook and do crafts — I am not creative but I believe that my inner-self is one. lol!  I just need to let it out.

I wanted to join a meme.  But as of the moment I cannot find one.  I dunno my fellow mommy bloggers have one, I have been to their blogs in ages. So i grab several lines from the net.  These are getting-to-know-you-better questions.  I know many bloggers in the early days of blogging have done this.  I’ll not tag anyone but I like you to tag me if you are going to answer the same questions, so that I will be able to know your answer and know you better.

Remember, we do simple posts as this during our early days of blogging. I know 99% of your blogs are of certain niche now, but I still hope you can find a way where you can post your answer, but please not on FB.

  • What was your first job out of high school?
    • I think I worked full-time for 2 months as a baby sitter
  • What was your first pet?
    • A dog. We named her Leoparda.  She was given to us when she was still a wee pee. She stayed with us for many years and died when she was hit by a car. 🙁
  • Describe your first date.
    • I cannot remember details but I was a high school lass. It was not really a date because dating is a no no on campus. But surely it was with a boy. 
  • What was your first car?
    • Oh no! hmmm maybe an empty cardboard box. lol!

Extending Our Help

I wonder at times when relatives and friends come to you for help – how willing you are then to really give the help that the person needs.  Personally, when I can, I do. But if I cannot, I have a hard time telling them that I cannot, especially if those people who are asking for help are more older than you.


I think the food is the easiest thing to give away. You can give food to someone who is hungry.  You can share food any time to anyone.  i always believe that blessings shared do come back in manifold form.  But human as I am, I feel annoyed helping people who are so capable of finding means to work for money so that they can buy food, yet they just think that asking for food (beggars) is easier than working out their strength in any form of a job.


If you do not have some, then money is the hardest thing you can give away.  True or not? For me, it is true. I am one who does not have a big stash of amount in the bank.  Bad thing really but I cannot deny it.  So if you can see beggar on the streets, don’t give them cash, feed them instead.


Sometimes, it is nice to give clothes away.  But keep in mind that what we give away is still wearable.  I am sure the recipient will feel bad that what you give them is already good for the rags.


Time is very precious.  So time shared is a golden opportunity.

So whatever we have, be it food, money, clothing, or time – may we share it with a happy heart.