Trial Shots

I can now click again!

I got my new camera the other day. It was a 24 hours transaction with this guy – . I was so happy of the smooth and successful transaction.

After the battery was charge, i took out my unscanned postcrossing postcards and have a shoot at them. So here they are:


The Altai Mountains

Bad Marienberg, Westwerwald


Suspending Temple, Shanxi
P.R. China

St. Petersburg

San Prieto, Rome



More postcards later.

These postcards are all sent by postcrossers.

I so love Postcrossing

I guess i failed to post here the 9 cards i received two weeks ago. I just thought about it because i got 2 cards today.

How i wish i can show you all these 11 cards now. I still I will try to find means to borrow a scanner and have these cards scanned.

The 9 cards that i got hold of at the same day are from the following countries:

Siberia (Altai Mountains)

Finland (Soft House Tales)

Netherlands (Holland Images – Tulips)

Germany (Westerwald) — a direct swap

China (Suspending Temple, Xanxi)

Russia (St. Petersburg)

Italy (Rome)

Norway (Sognefjorden – west norway)

Netherlands (Landgraaf)

The cards i received today:

USA (Garden Grove, Orange County, California)

Russia (national greeting card)

8 + 1 Postcards Yesterday

8 postcard exchange plus 1 direct swap postcards i picked from the post office yesterday noontime.  I forgot when was the last time i went there to pick my cards.  But obviously couple of the 9 have stayed in the postoffice for several weeks already because one card has reached me after 150 days and that is from Russia.

The 8 cards were from the following countries:

Netherlands – 13 days

Russia – 150 days

Finland – 25 days

Germany – 18 days

USA – 34 days

China – 32 days

Ukraine – 73 days

Belarus – 34 days

The counting of travel days begin from the day you requested for an address at postcrossing website until the day the receiver will register the card received.   Usually it only takes a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks if from long distance countries but due to traffic then that would caused the card to reach the destination much longer.

It’s my first time to get a card from Belarus and also from Russia.  And my third from China.


From Ukraine

polatsk belarus

From Belarus

Note from Neitherlands

One of my postcards arrived in Netherlands after 17 days.  Mirjam sent me this note:

MirjamvanderBijl wrote you a message:

“Dear Arlene,
I love the Postcard you sent me! What a great festival!! I would love to see it sometime!
My sister in law comes also from the Philipines. She is now here for almost a year and she is married to my brother in law and she is so sweet. We have heard last week that she is going to have a baby, so that’s realy wonderfull!
I love the people from the Philippines, they’re very nice.
I wish you a nice day and a Happy Postcrossing.
God bless you!
Lots of greetings,
Mirjam van der Bijl”

I just love it when i receive heartfelt notes and responses from recipients of my postcards.

Check out to check postcards from around the world.