Forever 72!

Happy Birthday, Mother!


Never a day passed that we don’t think of you. I felt thankful that you left without experiencing so much pain, but yet at times the void that you left in my heart is painful. I never mind shedding a tear when my heart pained because I guess as long as we are still in this world, it is normal. So I look forward to the day when we all shall meet and be together again, when the tears shed will be tears of joy.

We always remember that July 20 is your birthday. Today would have been your 76th birthday. Hmmm you are still 76 wherever you are, Ma but we here always realize that you are forever 72. It’s not bad. God has blessed you in many ways in spite how our like is hard at times.

You are are always fondly remembered, Ma.

I love you!

Yay It’s Friday!

I always love to say, “thank God, it’s Friday!”

Today is another Friday. The five days feels like any week where everyone is busy and me too is busy.  I was so busy that I have to have less sleep so I can maintain my sanity during me time by reading.  I spent an hour or two of reading before letting my tired self slumber off to la la land.

The week has come to an end so fast.

More thoughts later as I am going to the market now.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Ffollowland Funny Tests!

There is this particular test to be taken, by just writing down your name and then it will give the kind of qualities you have according to your name.  I had mine but did not share it on FB because I wonder why the “jealous” portion is quite high. lol!

Anyways, i also tried doing the following: (the answers here were ones on the FIRST TAKE)

– where will i meet my soulmate?  ONLINE (on facebook) now that really made me laugh out loud.  Not just an ideal place for me. lol

– How many people are secretly in love with you? it gave an answer of 3! whoaaa i wish it will also give me a hint of who are they.

– First initial of my PERFECT MATCH!  oh i was so interested to know and it gave me a LETTER C! now who is that. I still haven’t met someone who is partner potential with a name that starts with letter C!

– Why am I still single?  oh i just so love the answer!  — Because you’re fine on your own. Better that than wasting time with some idiot. hehehehe nice answer jud!

– How jealous are you? You are sort of jealous! Now i dunno what is that range. may a 5 of 10 because it says: you are half-way in between. You just fight for what’s yours.  

– How good a kisser are you? and the answer made me whoaaa you are one hot kisser!


oh well it’s been awhile since I take nonesense tests. and it feels funny to take once in awhile. =)

Valentine 2014 Related Images ^&^

While most of the couples were out dating and spending special dinner night with their spouse or partners and kids, we were have class in Managerial accounting. Although we had dinner at Sunburst after class.

Nothing significant really happened except that, each customer at the restaurant were given a balloon

 photo ea5c2cb4-ca9a-4e24-80c2-28e6df800430.jpg

The red is mine and the pink is from Doc DLC.

We had dinner there with our teacher and some of our classmates. The usual group actually that goes out with our teacher during Friday dinner. We usually have dinner at 5:30 because of the Sabbath.

The next day, as usual, I went to church and after church, while waiting to get on air at 2pm, I made some selfies (ang hirap ha!) in the office.  Let me share with you the result though I really had a hard time doing it 😀

Don’t make any palag na that I am sharing my own “selfies” because this is my blog. okey? hehehe Oh well I am just kidding. Please know that some simple stuff that I know I will be able to forget months later or next year or the next five years, I am keeping it here in my blog. So…i’m sharing.

This is moi…

 photo 20140215_122402edited.jpg

and here’s another moi…

 photo 20140215_123235vintage.jpg

Both photos were framed using Photoscape frames.

I have so many photos I wish to share, but the effort of resizing it just makes me lazy even to make a blog post.