Nostalgia (my 29th)

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    I dunno if i have already shared this photo her in nostalgia.  But since it’s spring time in many parts of the world today I’d like to share this.  This is my favorite spring photo.  Taken in spring 2004 at the Chinese Botanical Garden in Shijiazhuang City. I am glad i was taken… Continue Reading

Nostalgia (my 28th)

      This is Frank. He was one of my favorite one-on-one tutorial student in oral English. He is a manager of his own textile company which does business in Europe. He was introduced to me by his secretary, Mayra, who was one of my students in my adult class.   This is Myra. … Continue Reading

Nostalgia (my 27th)

This is one of my “DURING SARS” photos. I was in mainland China when SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) broke out there.  It was one of my unforgetables of that country particularly Shijiazhuang City.  We were out of work for 3 months.  Our employer , Paul, was so pathetic that he cut our contract 3… Continue Reading

Nostalgia (my 26th)


Jeorgene and Me on my 24th birthday One of the photos of my 24th birthday. This was taken in July 24, 1996. Me and my ex-bf. Good guy and i know he loves me so much because he really took effort in trying to make this birthday memorable for me. This birthday became extra special… Continue Reading

Nostalgia (my 25th)


GRADUATION DAY! My College graduation day was the last day of October 1994. I tried to look my best that day and this is just my best. I did not buy any new dress because it won’t still be appreciated because we will be wearing a toga. Closing exercises begins Friday evening for the Consecration… Continue Reading

Nostalgia (my 24th)


That’s me under the oldest stone arch bridge in the world – The Zhaozhou Bridge. I thought my boss was joking when she told me that we are off to a place that holds a world title. THE OLDEST IN THE WORLD. And i remember that long time ago, i searched for more info of… Continue Reading

Nostalgia (my 23rd)


With the upcoming Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), there is that feeling deep inside me makes me feel I am missing China so much. I miss the food, the places to see, and of top most, my friends. So i hope that this month i can religiously post for nostalgia and I am gonna share… Continue Reading

NosTalgia (my 22nd)

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I saw these couple birds at the Paradise Island Resort in Davao City. Me and my bff stayed overnight in that wonderful place. We were walking towards our cottage and these two were so busy flirting with each other that they did not realized that we were around. They did not flew far away when… Continue Reading