Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo Tied the Knot Today


(photo not mine)

Song Song Nuptials
Date: October 31, 2017
Venue: Shilla Hotel, Seoul, South Korea

Thoughts of loneliness for my departed love ones were overtaken by the thought that my favorite Korean Drama couple, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo got wedded today.

This is my number one and only news as of today. lols!

I was already a big fan of Song Hye Kyo way back many years ago in her drama Autumn Love. She became more amazing and sweetly beautiful in the 2016 drama Descendants of the Sun.  She had a great acting chemistry with Song Joong Ki, that after the drama ended, many had DOTS hangover and wished them they become couple in real life.  Their “acting” was so real that one can easily sense, they are a couple in the drama in real life.  The BTS videos on you tube can make one feel so kilig of their chemistry.

DOTS is the first drama I watched with Soong Joong Ki and i right away liked him.  In an instant, I suddenly go gaga over him and his female lead. Bagay man gud kaayo sila!  Because of that, I did not miss watching his newest movie, Battleship Island.  The thing he worked on right after DOTS.

Both of them have no drama coming up yet.  But during the early news of their engagement, it was mentioned that Hye Kyo will retire from work.  Whatever be their plans, the millions of fans will support them!

I really wish them forever happiness, gazillion of love, and true commitment for each other.

40% Addicted to Love?

Is that so?  OH well i like the elaboration.

Might as well face it, you’re a little addicted to love.
You won’t do anything for love, but sometimes you do more than you should.
No one’s worth losing your head for – because in the end you’ll only lose your heart.
Don’t avoid falling in love. Just make sure you don’t get too hooked.

I really don’t think that this is an accurate conclusion to the survey i answered by my best line there is – Don’t avoid falling in love.  Just make sure you don’t get hooked.

Great advice eh. 🙂

Mitch Asks – {oct 11 & 18}

on OCTOBER 11 > Do you often tell your better-half that you love him or “action speaks louder than words” works better for you? For me? oh well, i always do both in showing my better half how much i love him. 🙂

OCTOBER 18 > Do you also write poems to express what you have inside your heart and give it to your special someone? I don’t have that talent. But at times i find good or inspiration poems that speaks of my heart’s content in a book or online, then i share it with someone.

A good Mornin!

My phone beeped for an incoming message. I checked the time it was before 5 am. I checked the message and it was my mahal. So i texted back to be on hold for few minutes as am getting online. His connection is horrible (often dc) but it was better than nothing at all. Missed him so much because he has not come back since thursday evening because of connection problems. Well, i was not the nagging girl this morning (i can be one if i often think negative thoughts). Infact i was just all smiles. Am just so happy he made it online even it was already late out there.

Smiles to all of you. 🙂

It’s a MOnday!