Postcrossing | Chinese Architecture

This straight inclined roofs are commonly seen in “old dwellings” in China. I say old because in urban places, old dwellings were converted into places of tall buildings to accommodate the population. But still when you see one of these, you can still feel the wamth of traditional dwellings.



The greetings read:

Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m from Zhejiang, China. And I believe in the word of the fate. So I am very glad that I can write you. 🙂 (with smiley) Happy Postcossing! — Dayue / October 31, 2017

So this card has been mailed quite a long time already and I received it just few days ago. Quite a long time, but I am glad it has arrived.

The stamp used is a building with the Great Wall at the background. I still I cannot decide if this is a definitive stamp or a commemorative one.


Postcrossing | Sushi House of Cat

This is one of the first cards I received from China this year 2018.  But in reality, this card will still be included in the 2017 card received census since this was sent in 2017.

It’s a Japanese inspired designed cat. I love cats so I love this card.


The greetings read:

Greetings from China! This is a cute cat. And I hope you love it! Happy Postcrossing! All Happy — Songzhe

The stamps used are also cute. I like the warmness exude by its color.


Pre-war Postcards of Manila

I met a few new friends during our meet-up at the Manila Central Post office last November 23, 2011.  One of them is Lawrence Chan.  It was a quick hi and hello but everyone feels like we were all long time friends.  Jonathan collects stamps and I guess postcards too and I sensed he is very familiar with the museum that he picked a book (stamp catalog) showing me an old stamp of Maria Cristina Falls.

One of the things he showed me from his collection are these pre-war postcards:

These are pre-war postcards of Intramuros and the Jones Bridge.  I think this is really a treasure.  These were shared to him by some members of the philatelists who meets at the museum every third Sunday of the month.  If I am just staying in Manila, I’d surely love to attend the monthly meetings.  Who knows I will also receive treasures such as Jonathan have.

Coin & Bank Notes Collection

I’ve been collecting these stuff several years back.  And it became so inspiring after i worked in China.  While in China, i received a complete set of coins and banknotes (100 Baht the highest) from Bangkok. For awhile it’s not being touched nor i put in some additionals.  Coin and bank notes collection is a bit expensive hobby because the posting costs more money compared to mailing post cards.  So when i read about challenge coins I have to read it right away because it it might be an additional tips on how to collect more coins from all over the world. Oh my when i checked it out it awed me. It’s a another type of coin collection. I wonder if each state of America got a coin that represents their state. Oh i’ll check with the customer service. Check it out as it is a wonderful collection.  It’s indeed a challenging type of coin collection.

Postcards Galore

When I and my daughter’s Omi Estrella met in Bangkok early last month, she handed me some postcards she picked when they went on their Alaskan Cruise in October and the one she got in England.  She gave me 4 or 5 cards.

Before i made my holiday trip, i checked with the post office if there were cards waiting for me.  Indeed there was!  There was around seven of them.  See my collection is getting more thicker each weeks. 🙂 Thank you so much, Auntie Babie. 🙂 Thanks for the friendship.

These are not post crossing cards. okey?


She was suppose to mail this from there but decided to just hand it to me when we met.  And she did. 🙂


Then the last but not the least, the State postcard: