MMA Batch 1990 Mini Meet-Up

There was a call for a mini meet-up a week before the date of meeting.  It’s been awhile that us classmates from Iligan and Cagayan de Oro and somewhere in between had been together.  Though the guys from cdo often meet-up when they could. Mas ubay ubay man pud gud sila didto. 🙂 But Clyde… Continue Reading

Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo Tied the Knot Today

(photo not mine) Song Song Nuptials Date: October 31, 2017 Venue: Shilla Hotel, Seoul, South Korea Thoughts of loneliness for my departed love ones were overtaken by the thought that my favorite Korean Drama couple, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo got wedded today. This is my number one and only news as of… Continue Reading

Fangirling| Nam Joo-Hyuk in Manila

Nam Joo-Hyuk in Manila September 23, 2017 @ Kia Theater I read this news today and I screamed inside: what?? oh no!!! while checking the calendar.  lols! I became a fan of Nam Joo-Hyuk and her bae Lee Sung Kyung. I am so kilig over them because they not only dating in the drama: Weightlifting… Continue Reading

Iligan Food Appreciation Tour 2.0

Hashtag Eat Iligan(#EatIligan), an annual event hosted by Iligan Bloggers Society,  is now on it’s second year and the tour is joined by Social Media Influencers Iliganons as well as the Iligan Bloggers Family. The 2-day event seeks to highlight Iligan City’s local food scene in various social media platforms. Social media influencers who have… Continue Reading

Remembering my FEO

FAO stands for Foreign Expert Officer.  A person gets this job description if their school hiring foreign teachers.    They are the ones who does the endless needed paper works of the school regarding the hiring and getting permits.   Since I was their first foreign teacher, then it was like a trial and error… Continue Reading

New Office Furniture

I have moved into a new department.  Not really new because i worked in this department after i applied for work in this insitution 4 years ago.  Due to needs of personnel in other departments, i was assigned here effective first Monday of August.  Am barely two weeks in the area and i was already… Continue Reading

Rearranging & Organizing Stuff in Our Home

It’s been more than a month now that my mom has gone ahead, though it’s not yet forty days since that fateful day. Since we brought her to her temporary home, my sister took the time to sort on what’s to be given away and what’s to stay.  It’s been like that for many days… Continue Reading

Manila Sunset

Manila sunset is one of the famous view in the Philippines anyone could capture in a camera or video.  That’s my opinion and I am sure many would agree with me. In the many times I’ve been in Manila including the almost one year stay in Pasay, I never had the chance to go to… Continue Reading