AHP Retreat @ Cagayan de Oro City

I spent my weekend at Cagayan de Oro City with the delegates of the Adventist Health Professionals’ Retreat at SPUC compound from Friday evening until the lunch time of Sunday.  It was a great experience for me.  The messages and lectures were so inspiring that I can really say I am converted and hopefully could… Continue Reading

Chinese Herbs

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I remember that we have a neighbor long time ago that is fun of Chinese Herbs.  I think the couple seldom have painful ailments due to religiously taking tea as part of their daily existence.  When i was working in China for some years, i did not take tea as something that is beneficial to… Continue Reading

Improved FBS Result

I still haven’t had anything since before 5 pm yesterday. I didn’t mean it then just at 7 pm when i was thinking of having my dinner, i remember that i should be on fasting because i will undergo FBS test this morning and guess what’s the result? Am grinning because it’s down to 100… Continue Reading

Smoke in the Air

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People who live with a smoker have a15 percent higher mortality rate than those in smoke-free households. Secondhand smoke at home raises the risk of lung cancer by 20 percent. – UC Berkeley Wellness Letter



The most popular beverage in China is tea. Tea is said to have many curative effects, from improving eyesight and preventing tooth decay to helping reduce weight. Below are the names of the basic teas in China. Green Tea: an unfermented tea with a clear taste and dark green color. The most famous green tea… Continue Reading

Scrumptious Sunday – Fruity Drinks


I cannot think of anything fitted to the theme except for FRUIT PUNCH. How to do: 1. Use any commercialized juice powder but I prefer pomelo or strawberry. 2. Shred some green mangoes or green apples. 3. Cubed finely some yellow mangoes and red apples. 4. Liquify the powder in a big punch bowl and… Continue Reading

Look of The Year

If you have the body, the age, and personality, why not check this Look of the Year. You might be the lucky one to win $10,000.00 and have the chance to work as a model in Milan, New York and Paris. This is an online contest and is open for everyone. All you need to… Continue Reading

Lab Tests Result

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Fasting Blood Sugar – 119 mg/dl Cholesterol – 181 Sabi ng machine techs, my sugar is already high and am already into the house of Diabitis. 🙁 My cholestero is not bad – it’s still normal. I haven’t had any food since 5 pm yesterday and water since 6:30 yesterday but when I had my… Continue Reading