AHP Retreat @ Cagayan de Oro City

I spent my weekend at Cagayan de Oro City with the delegates of the Adventist Health Professionals’ Retreat at SPUC compound from Friday evening until the lunch time of Sunday.  It was a great experience for me.  The messages and lectures were so inspiring that I can really say I am converted and hopefully could change my lifestyle to achieve optimum health and to be able to share the health gospel effectively.  I know it is not yet too late. 🙂

The theme of the event is “Reaching Out Through Health Professionals” and the messages made me realized how much responsibility was placed by God to every Christian to spread the health message to everyone.  The lectures also made me understand that health ministry and evangelistic ministry must go hand in hand.

I was surprise to know that it is not lack of knowledge that encourages people to change their bad lifestyle into a good one, but SICK THREAT makes them do it.   I can agree 1000% as am one of those people who does not lack encouragement and knowledge.  It is just due to my laziness that I failed to make exercise as part of my daily living.  Should have I started a healthy lifestyle when I was young, then I would not have this excess pounds in me now.

One of the things I noted was the KEYS FOR EFFECTIVE CHANGE:

    • Be a good example as example has power.
    • Be opportune (never condemn people)
    • Be a powerful person for a change
    • Pro-active presentation of the Adventist health message
    • Less knowledge, more tools/skills
    • One or two behaviors at once
    • Small victories first then the bigger one
    • Reinforce good practices.


I have more in my notes, but I can include them in my posts later here and there.

My ID. we were issued IDs but not worn all the time. hehehe


Thanks to the Health Department of South Philippine Union Conference for having such a program.  I guess the first time ever for a SPUC wide coverage.

Chinese Herbs

I remember that we have a neighbor long time ago that is fun of Chinese Herbs.  I think the couple seldom have painful ailments due to religiously taking tea as part of their daily existence.  When i was working in China for some years, i did not take tea as something that is beneficial to my being.  So i did not gave tea as gift to my brother who was using hemorrhoid cream for his hemorrhoids that time. When i confer with a Chinese friend, she told me that tea is really good for the total well being of the person health wise. So when i have time, aside from slimming teas, i really like to sip on tea for relaxation.

Improved FBS Result

I still haven’t had anything since before 5 pm yesterday. I didn’t mean it then just at 7 pm when i was thinking of having my dinner, i remember that i should be on fasting because i will undergo FBS test this morning and guess what’s the result?

Am grinning because it’s down to 100 mg/dl compared to the 116 mg/dl 3 months ago. That’s normal!!!! yeheyyyyy!

I know it’s not much to be happy about because it’s still a hundred. But 110 is the step into the insides of the Diabetic Home eh. Well, i still got a long way to go but i am sure it will never go up that 100 again. I am working out to make it lower than than and also control my weight. But i never increased my weight again since 3 months ago though i still look chubby and hey i will never look bamboo thin ever — this is my structure. So those who would tell me that i should be skinny or what, then sorry na lang. You will never get your wish ever. You have to love me the way i am. 😉 oh diva?

Hey am off to to m breakfast now! I was NPO for more than 12 hours already. Am still ok though but i don’t like that it will come to the level of having low sugar na coz of hunger.