Trending News: Lee Min Ho & Suzy Bae’s Break-up

Warning: All thoughts written here are my personal opinion.


It seems I do not know what to do when I saw the breaking news on Youtube. As an avid Lee Min Ho fan since Boys Over Flowers, this news got me happy and excited.


If there is one thing that LMH did and made me mum of the issue — it is his real life girlfriend.  As a fan, and I know I am not alone in this, I just don’t think SB is the one for him.  If I base it on news, it was really LMH who fell hard on SB.  Maybe SB had that kind of charm that LMH didn’t find it any of his female friends or anyone in linked to him.  So now, I do not have to worry about this, because their relationship is over! lols!

Part of my crazy heart and mind reaction was my happiness. I was all smiles and blushing. At a moment I feel sorry for being so happy over a relationship that is over.  I wanted to scream and do the giggling happiness dance.  I wish my friend Genevieve, a fan who is also crazy over LMH was in the office at that moment I read the news.  I could just imagine our screams.  Lols!

The Minshin fans clubs are now having a party for sure.  Really, I was so excited that I immediately status what I felt tagging someone who also will go gaga over the news. lols!

I clicked on the news on ABS-CBN I was amazed to see that 99% of the comment were relieved of the news. Kind of sad for their fans because their relationship lasted for 2 years. But me, i’ve been praying that LMH can realize that SB is not really for him.  I know he loves her dearly as he lavishly do things for her.  But one of life’s reality is some good things don’t last long if not forever.

You may be wondering why I became gaga with the news.  You might think it’s me head over head in love with LMH. No!  I am his fan and I love him as an actor and I am happy for all his achievements in his career and life.  I do not have an inclination to wish that I will be in a relationship (for real) with him. lols!  But if we are of the same age, then maybe I would fall in love with him in a romantic way. ha ha ha

Now the reason why I am happy with his breakup with Suzy, it is because I ship Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hae, his co-star in the drama The Heirs.


They were still so young in that drama but they have a great friendship that they had fun doing the shoot.  It was their first work together and they both had great memories.  Fans commented that they have candid sweet moments together even though PSH always make fun of LMH.  Their tandem in The Heirs had more fans compared to LMH’ & SB as couple. lols!

Here’s a png file of one of the scenes in The Heirs. This was shoot in LA, USA.  (I <3 California shit!)   The drama was aired some years ago but if I’ll go back to LA i’ll surely buy that same kind & print of shirt. lols!



As a happy fan, let me share some more lovely pics of this two together. They may be ad pictorials and maybe some are photoshopped, but for fandom, these are priceless images to inspire them to continually support the minshin couple and of course LMH!






Disclaimer 1:  All images are not mine except for the screen shot of the breaking news.  I grabbed them from google 🙂

Happiness Is…#03



This little boy making faces at me while I was taking his photo is Marty and is fondly called by her mom and mommyla and daddylo as Eloy. I haven’t asked them though what caused them to give them that pet name. Eloy and her mom went with us on a weekend last week and Eloy was instantly the darling of the crowd.

He was so hyper. Did not ever complain even for once.


In this photo, he reminds me of the movie – Baby’s Day Out!

This post is connected with Happiness Is…but when I checked out the site, the last entry was still in May.   Somehow it will be up again soon but even if it won’t I will try to keep posting photos of things that brings me happiness and to the people around me.

Happiness is…#3

Getting a glimpse of Mt. Apo!


Actually the one in view is not the summit. But with my three days in Davao, to be able to witness it, I was not lucky enough to see the highest peak.  This photo was taken while we visited the Mt. Apo Highland Resort (Hillside).

I wish I had all the time to sit on the bench and watch the clouds engulf the peaks at the same time be mesmerized by the cool fresh air!  So free from air pollution.


Happiness is…#01


Sent from Bacolod City with love. What i so love about this is the Ruby stone keychain. It’s for me and that blue one, Sagittarius is for my daughter. It’s not really the material thing that matters much but the act of thoughtfulness of the sender.  Bebbz and I are best of friends way back my Bacolod friends but happenings in life brought us apart and with all the responsibilities of motherhood and adulthood, we lost touch at times. Thanks to Facebook, we reconnect.  I look forward to visit Bacolod City soon to spend time with her and her kids.

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