#EatIligan 2.0 | Pop Snack

I am an Iliganon yet, I’ve never been to most food joints in my own city.  Thanks to Iligan Bloggers Society for showcasing different good food outlets around Iligan. It gave me an opportunity what places to recommend to friends and visitors.


Pop Snack Iligan is my second stop for this week-end appointment.  The summer color splash coolers were the ones that caught my fancy.  I can could click my camera a thousand times to take this beauty.  Thanks to these coolers, it quenched my thirst.  So perfect for an early afternoon drink.



Buffalo wings! I do not know when what the last time I have eaten buffalo wings, so this is also a welcome sight. ha ha ha. I heart chicken eh! But it’s spicyness was too much for me.  A little bite was enough.  For those who are more adventurous into the fiery-taste foodies, buffalo wings from Pop Snack is for you.


I love bread so I definitely love their footlongs and the pizza bread.  They offered us to taste the Hawaiian flavor and the jalapeno flavor.  Keri ra ang ka spicy sa jalapeno. It’s way milder for me compared to the buffalo wings.



Fries fries fries.  This is yummy when it just got out of the oven. Don’t let it out on the table for long so that it won’t turn soggy.  For fries lovers visiting Pop Snack, this will do na.  They have several topping flavors to chose from like: pizza, spicy jalapeno, chili con, beefy gravy, salty chocolate, and ham and cheese!  Each flavor come with different prices.


Pop Snack is another good place to crowd during peak meal and snack times.  It is another place hang out with friends and enjoy their very affordable offers like budget meals with drinks, rice bowls with drinks, special desserts – special mention for chocolate pop smores and brownie smores!  Have them when you can. But for those with blood sugar problems, one bite will do! ha ha ha

Aside from their footlongs and burgers, they are also serving pancakes with flavors and you can have an option to add a scope of ice cream.


Some members of the #EatIligan gang enjoying the jar of coolers.  The size is definitely pang barkada!


Pop Snack is located at the back of St. Michael’s Cathedral.


Pop Snack served us several of their bests but unfortunately my takes were not that nice, so I didn’t include them na in this post.

#Eat Iligan 2.0: House of Fries


I was back at House of Fries! That was my third time. First was during their opening, second with my kids, and this time, it is with the #EatIligan group.

Fries! The name says it all but mind you, they do not only serve fries of different flavors.  They too have money-value meals that can be enjoyed by anyone in any occasion.


This time, the owner, Sir Gelo, shared with us their new offers that is worth recommending to family and friends like, their sizzling fries, cheese Bowl, triple trouble Burger, and sizzling chicken.




My pictures cannot give justice to the yummy look of these foods.  Sorry. I was late and hapo with the heat of the day. But thanks to their coolers, it relaxed me a bit. So, you should go and check out their foods.

House of Fries is almost one year old.  You may check out their Facebook Fan Page for their anniversary pakulo mechanics. Who knows you will win the lucky person who will win the prize!

This food house is located at: De Leon Corner Ramiro St., Iligan City.


Iligan Food Appreciation Tour 2.0

Hashtag Eat Iligan(#EatIligan), an annual event hosted by Iligan Bloggers Society,  is now on it’s second year and the tour is joined by Social Media Influencers Iliganons as well as the Iligan Bloggers Family.


The 2-day event seeks to highlight Iligan City’s local food scene in various social media platforms. Social media influencers who have a considerable following in their blogs and social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will be invited to participate in the event.

During the tour, 20 digital influencers will be visiting participating food establishments to sample their offerings and generate live social media postings, promoting the event and the participating restaurants using designated hashtags. — IBS

Since the event is scheduled during the events I am sure I cannot complete the try outs from partners this year. But even then I look forward to joining this event because it’s a time for IBS family bonding as well as meeting new friends.

Foods @ Villa Estrella

We were on our road to Davao City last March3, 2013 (Sunday) We were suppose to leave Iligan at five in the morning, but due to some matters beyond our control, we left at six already. Sun was already up and thinking of the 6-8 hrs to go, I felt quite uncomfortable. But I know we are in good hands because the drivers we had are very much capable.

This post is about the food we had for lunch. We had breakfast at the house of Pastor Nelson @ SPUC then after a quick breakfast, we went our way and decided to have lunch at Maramag, Bukidnon instead of Valencia. So, we had it at Villa Estrella:

 photo IMG_1608.jpg

The place: restaurant

 photo IMG_1616.jpg

Beef stew with ampalaya

 photo IMG_1614.jpg

Crispy Buntot

 photo IMG_1615.jpg


The food is quite pricey if we have to base it with our meal allowance. But since we had a free breakfast, each one was very much able to share in the cost.

Wanna know what I ordered for me? I had breakfast!

So if you need to fill your stomach or you need a place to stay to rest or stay for the night while on your way to Davao or down south, check out Villa Estrella Fine Inn and Restaurant@

P-6 Sayre Highway Anahaw
Maramag, Bukidnon
Tel # (88) 356-1057

Tel fax # (88) 238-5356
Mobile # 0907-5229865


Brunch by the Sea

We stayed overnight at SPUC guesthouse because our resource speaker had to catch the first flight Cebu Pacific for Manila.  So to avoid waking up at 2AM and travel to the airport in Cagayan de Oro, we decided to spent the night there.

We woke u early to send off Ma’am Helen and when we came back from the airport, we went back to sleep. Me and Tata in Sampaguita room and Ma’am Bing in the Camias room.  I really had a good sleep while the other two did not have one.  Both woke up every hour.  And after the send off, Ma’am Bing was sort of half awake and half asleep and can hear many things while asleep many. Tata too struggled in sleep twice that she got up and went back to sleep sitting down.  Then she woke up again and went out to the sala with Ma’am Bing.  They were chatting until one of the lights went off.  Then after awhile it turned on. They were scared. hahaha

Past 9 we were already hungry and I just got up.  We missed attending church because Ma’am Bing was not able to bring a Sabbath dress.  So we prepared to go back to Iligan and while on the way, we decided to have breakfast and lunch by the sea – Titings Kitchenette at Opol, Misamis Oriental – Tata and I tagged it as “our paboritong kan-anan”


The Sea view


Our favorite order – Spicy Fish Adobo


Eggplant Salad


I had a serving of rice


Banana Linupak and Sweet-filled Palitaw
(Filipino kakanins)


Not in the photo is our Tinolang isda.  We were already eating when it was served so the camera was already kept.

It was a hearty breakfast!