Food Quote Comeback! #03

  Mini burgers with Fries from Frapella Crib. Have a great week-end and Have a BURGER!  

#EatIligan 2.0 | Pop Snack

I am an Iliganon yet, I’ve never been to most food joints in my own city.  Thanks to Iligan Bloggers Society for showcasing different good food outlets around Iligan. It gave me an opportunity what places to recommend to friends and visitors. Pop Snack Iligan is my second stop for this week-end appointment.  The summer… Continue Reading

Foods @ Villa Estrella

We were on our road to Davao City last March3, 2013 (Sunday) We were suppose to leave Iligan at five in the morning, but due to some matters beyond our control, we left at six already. Sun was already up and thinking of the 6-8 hrs to go, I felt quite uncomfortable. But I know… Continue Reading

Express Service at Xtremely Xpresso Cafe, Subic

I had the chance to try the services of Extremely Xpresso Cafe in Subic Bay, Olongapo City the other year.  Our host (Mitch of Mitchteryosa) treated me and some of our Kuro Kapatid for a dinner there.  It was the first time Mitch and I met after more than six years of being online friends. … Continue Reading

Holiday Diet

I never heard of holiday diet before.  But now, several of my friends will go on holiday diet by avoiding eating too much  food that causes skin allergy .  Filipino cook so much food during Christmas parties and so much parties happen during the Christmas season, but then they are advised by the doctor to… Continue Reading

Dining at Pinokyo, Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  All photos are not watermarked but are mine.  If you want to use it in your blog, please ask permission.  Thanks. There are so many places to dine at at Paseo del Mar.  But during weekends the place is typically full.  We almost had a hard time finding a place to eat and… Continue Reading

An Evening at Holiday Pool


It is not always that we spend an evening at a pool here in the place called the City of Waterfalls.  Thanks to the 12th Adventist Health Professionals Association Convention the Saturday evening activity was swimming at the pool.   Luckily the peace and order situation here in the city is good so no one have… Continue Reading