Viva Iligan!


Greeting my Iliganon friends, happy fiesta!

We are on a holiday for 2 days because of the s celebration of the feast of Iligan Patron Saint, Senior San Miguel!

The feast is weeklong with the highlight of the Dyandi and Kasadya dances.  Been in this city for more than 30 years but never had the chance to witness these activities.  Am now at the age where i can go if i want to but for safety purposes I just prefer to be stuck at home.  🙂

The other day (27th) I went to the city to buy some food for my daughter’s birthday celebration so i was able to see how busy the streets along the Cathedral.  The sky seems colorful and yeah the people look festive.


Maayong Iligan!

This Blog Turns 2 Today


I was going through this blog, i thought of checking out my first post and good thing i discovered that it was today in 2007 that i made my first post or else i can’t greet this blog.

This blog has been through a lot. This blog was started because i wanted to venture paid blogging or having fun blogging at the same time earn. So that was how it started until one time last year i thought of closing out this site because i have other blogs that sprouted. I ran out of time to update – thus the decision. I did not close yet but i made it stagnant for some months. Still a blogspot then, from PR 3 it turned into 0. When it became zero i then decided to revive using an owned domain.  I wished for a domain then an angel heard my wish – thus it became  (still on blogger format)   The PR 3 never showed its shadow again though one time for some months it got a PR 2. Now it’s back to 0 but am still blessed because though it is zero – blessing still pours. It may not be as much as typhon but it showers and it rains.

Just this year, i was able have it hosted by WS thanks again to that angel for the affordable hosting. 🙂

So for those who plan to start blogging just for the heck of it – go ahead! Who knows one day you will also feel like go into paid blogging. But if you plan to blog to make millions, i have not experienced that so i can’t say yes or no. 🙂

I’d like to thank to those who have encouraged me to blog and also those who have visited this blog once in a while as well as those regular visitors.

You may be wondering why there’s no contest or blog fun to celebrate the blogsarry – sorry, i just discovered it today that this blog turns 2 today. 🙂  Maybe next year.

The stats as of today:

908 Posts
94 Categories
224 Tags
2946 Approved Comments

Window Shopping


The other Sunday, i had the chance to roam around SM Mall in Cagayan de Oro City. We spent some good 3 hrs over there – just going around and others shopped some  household items.  One thing attracted me was their sale of home theater stuff. Though the prices are of Philippine rate, yet they are really grool, so neat, and so pricey!  The one of my cousins was purchased from Buy dot com because they are very cheap.

My PR is Back!

I was shaking with glee when i read a YM offline that this blog got a PR already. 🙂 I was trying to find where to check it and then i saw one — yeahhhh the PR is back. Not like the old one but better than zero.

I can dance with happiness. I hope I can manage to maintain this PR or at least increase to many more figures. hehehe

Stop Foreclosure

It is true that because of crisis these days many people are having trouble paying up their household bills, loans, school fees and even the mortgages – and when you have all of these to face monthly then there is a possibity that you will have problems meeting both ends meet, except if you are earning ten thousand dollars more over your expenses than you will surely be alright or else you will have a bumpy trip to a hell of life. With fingers cross, i hope that will not happen tome. Life is hard nowadays for me but am still far from living in hell. hahaha Am sure that’s a nice huh!
I was talking the other day to a highschool classmate who is residing in one of the cities in Arizona. She and her hubby got a kid to raise as well as house to pay and aside from that she is into Med School. She complains of so many bills to be paid so she is thinking on how to cut costs. For sure she does not want to stop schooling as an option for she knows that finishing up med school will give a better future for her family. And she said, ohhh nooo not my house! Mike, her husband really did work hard for this house to be purchased and yeah although half has already been paid still they can’t help to think about foreclosure. So i told her about about this site: And right away she check on that site and she said am an angel. She just felt that she needs this agent.

Arizona Short Sales was formed up to avoid or prevent Arizona forclosures. Of course foreclosure is so heartbreaking. After many years of saving and paying and inthe end, the bank will still grab it from your own hands. Am sure many Arizona residents will be so happy of Cordy Sperber’s service. So i told my friend Ann that she should not wait for the time when all funds will be out before deciding on availing the Arizona short sale because it is the best time to start.
She said, she will check on this and start to have prevention than doing a cure later.

Am Back

First day of school for AY 2008-2009!

I feel like it’s first day of work because of the longer holiday. LOL!

I was up early because I went to school with Dimple for her books. AFter some arrangement, i got her books and was at the workplace at 7 AM. I had some time to sort my week-end pictures. Now it is done uploading and all i need to do is resizing.

Thanks for those who left comments during the past days and for those who took time to visit and drop comments at the chat box. The gesture is very much appreciated. I hope this week, I could update this blog regularly. I will be back later. ok?

Good morning everyone!

Just Here Today

In the past days I thought of making a blog leave. Just like vacation leave or maternity leave or even sick leave. Not because I want to but these past days my mind just get blank everytime I think i wanna blog.

Today I had a lot of free time to write or share my thoughts but my mind was very clogged up with gray clouds that I can’t write down even a bit of them so that it i can have a clear head. Though i have talked it out with some friends online but a friend at work told me that I really don’t look well, am so matamlay, my smiles are fake, my walks are dragged, she’s really wondering what’s into me. I just answered her >>>>haiii, it’s life in general. Am teary eyed with voice that almost to cry. Just then another person came into the office so that atmosphere was changed and I have to compose myself and be a working woman not a crying woman. LOL!
Around 4 pm, the electric power was off and it was raining. I have to get out of the dark office. I wished for my camera so that I could take photos but it was borrowed by an aunt who went up to mountain hometown for a meeting earlier today. So what i saw around that was worth taking picture for were just saved inside my mind.
And ohhhh I also thought of some people that made me happy, sad, angry, insecure, inspired, and strong.
Talking of the leave again? Hmmm i think i can’t do that. Blogging helped me in many ways this time. 🙂

Durian & Pepsi

Guess what?

Am at work and I just had a pc of durian fruit (1 seed). Tastesss so yummy. Then suddenly out of the blue, my boss said, I should buy Coke. Coke was not available so I picked Pepsi. I thought he will drink. He did not but the others did and so did I. 😀

But still the smell of durian is so strong. Wish it goes away. Hopefully it will coz it’s being eaten now.