Viva Iligan!

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Greeting my Iliganon friends, happy fiesta! We are on a holiday for 2 days because of the s celebration of the feast of Iligan Patron Saint, Senior San Miguel! The feast is weeklong with the highlight of the Dyandi and Kasadya dances.  Been in this city for more than 30 years but never had the… Continue Reading

This Blog Turns 2 Today


Blog! I was going through this blog, i thought of checking out my first post and good thing i discovered that it was today in 2007 that i made my first post or else i can’t greet this blog. This blog has been through a lot. This blog was started because i wanted to venture… Continue Reading

Window Shopping

The other Sunday, i had the chance to roam around SM Mall in Cagayan de Oro City. We spent some good 3 hrs over there – just going around and others shopped some  household items.  One thing attracted me was their sale of home theater stuff. Though the prices are of Philippine rate, yet they… Continue Reading

My PR is Back!

I was shaking with glee when i read a YM offline that this blog got a PR already. 🙂 I was trying to find where to check it and then i saw one — yeahhhh the PR is back. Not like the old one but better than zero. I can dance with happiness. I hope… Continue Reading

Stop Foreclosure

It is true that because of crisis these days many people are having trouble paying up their household bills, loans, school fees and even the mortgages – and when you have all of these to face monthly then there is a possibity that you will have problems meeting both ends meet, except if you are… Continue Reading

Am Back

First day of school for AY 2008-2009! I feel like it’s first day of work because of the longer holiday. LOL! I was up early because I went to school with Dimple for her books. AFter some arrangement, i got her books and was at the workplace at 7 AM. I had some time to… Continue Reading

Just Here Today

In the past days I thought of making a blog leave. Just like vacation leave or maternity leave or even sick leave. Not because I want to but these past days my mind just get blank everytime I think i wanna blog. Today I had a lot of free time to write or share my… Continue Reading

Durian & Pepsi


Guess what? Am at work and I just had a pc of durian fruit (1 seed). Tastesss so yummy. Then suddenly out of the blue, my boss said, I should buy Coke. Coke was not available so I picked Pepsi. I thought he will drink. He did not but the others did and so did… Continue Reading