Pink Fridays : 1/212 – Stage Decor

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Welcome back Pink Fridays!

I cannot remember anymore when was the last time I joined this Friday meme. The last post can no longer be traced since I already lost several blogs. I now have only two blogs standing, and not updated for more than a year.  But I hope this meme will inspire me to post a few times a week.

Here is my entry–

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This photo was taken a month ago, using my mobile phone, during the kick-off program of the 65th anniversary celebration. It is a mix of warm colors but the pink really stood out in the crowd of colors. 🙂  Kudos and pat in the back to the staffs of the ICU for beautifying the stage with sweet and lovely colors.

I tried searching for Pink Fridays post in this blog and result is negative.  So I am making this post as my first official entry to Pink Fridays.

Blog Awards

Now I saw these awards in my draft envelope. I got these way back 2008 or 2009. How busy was the blogging life that I really failed to publish this post.

Sharing of blog awards are the loving way of giving out blog love during those early years of blogging. Actually, it was through blogging that I met so many wonderful people online. We met online, yet friendship lasted with time because all those blogging buddies became my friends for real.

Thank you so much blogger friends. I still have many friends who are still active in blogging. I’ve been on hiatus mode since 2-3 years back. Several blogs were already expired. Fortunately, I was able to renew this blog this year, and hopefully I can still do it next year.

I am still busy but I will try my best to update this as much as I can.

Hard Habit to Break

I have several habits that I wish I don’t have it.  But the one that I am going to mention here is the one that even today I did it even if I know it is a bad habit. 😀

I don’t eat meals @ a regular time.  Even though how many times I was advised to eat my meals at a regular time, still I don’t do eat.  I do eat when I am hungry and If I am sleepy, sleep would be the sweetest thing to indulge than food.  They said that meals should be eaten three times a day with five hours interval but for me at most time, I eat only two times because or three times but the third would be around nine in the evening or ten the most.

Day four theme for January Blogging Challenge hosted by Mommy Ruby.

Day 3 – Me & My Friends


A short time with friends (High School Batch 1990) @ Meadowtel in Cagayan de Oro last December 22 – a few hours before we took the boat for Cebu City.  We look masaya but it would have been more masaya if more came to the get together.  This is a Going-away get together for our classmate Meriam and also a birthday get together for Joel and Anna Cristina.

Third day theme for the January Blogging Challenge hosted by Mommy Ruby.

The Reason Behind my Blogger Name

The first blog I ever started was in and the blog title that right away came to my mine is Life is What We Make It with Sunshineforlife as the writer. Sad thing, that blog no longer exist.  But when I had my first domain i named my url into

To me, Sunshine Lene means Happy Lene. Sunshine is happiness.  Sunshine can bring smile to many faces and I thought that no matter what I will always be a happy lene.

Sunshine became significant in my life even before I started blogging because the song Sunshine…was dedicated to me by the father of my daughter.  He even sent me a handwritten piano piece of it – written in a beautiful stationary. Since that time – we broke up later – I feel nostalgic every time I hear the song Sunshine on My Shoulder Makes me Happy…but then realized later that I should never be sad.  I promised myself that no matter what Sunshine should always be happy and has to share that happiness when time allows.

This is the topic for Day 2 in Blogging Challenge hosted by Mommy Ruby.

Day 1 – A Recent Pic and 15 Interesting Facts About Me



Latest photo I took of myself 🙂

It’s in my camera and my laptop is not here for safe uploading.  So please bear with me.  I just got back from my short holiday and I am back alive and kicking with a NY resolution that as much as possible, I am going to update my blogs at a regular time.  Though I have not decided on how — then i discovered this challenge.

The last post for this blog was in November so this 30 Days Blog Challenge hosted by Mommy Ruby is a perfect solution.  I hope it will not take another 2 months for me to make the next post.

So now, let me begin the 15 interesting facts about me: lol!

  1. I am 40 but they said i look younger than my age.  (u won’t believe? ask them again hehehe)
  2. I own several blogs and I work full time away from home.
  3. I am married yet a single mom/parent. confusing? hmm let’s chit chat sometimes. lol!
  4. My eldest is 15 and going on 16 year.
  5. I can’t drive a bike
  6. Can’t swim either. 😀
  7. I love to travel and wishes to have a work that is traveling (for real) related.
  8. I am a scared cat on heart stopping and adrenaline pumping adventures. (some friends said I am bayot)
  9. I am good at suppressing my problems – I guess I will win the sash of “The Great Pretender”
  10. I seriously started collecting postcards three years ago but on an off since I was in grade school.
  11. One of my pet peeves is the cigarette smoke.
  12. I admire good looking guys (actors and celebrities) but an earring even on one ear is a just a turn off 😀
  13. I love to read and I still read anytime I have time and even when I do not have time because I make time.
  14. I realized that it is more easy to smile than to frown.  So I keep on smiling no matter how rotten a day can be.
  15. I am a softie person inside. I could bawl in tears with just a simple movie that can stir my feelings.

I wish I could write more…

I will try to make up another page for that. 🙂  This reminds me of early days in blogging.  Tagging dayon. hahahaha

Meeting of Great Minds

The president called up for a meeting last Friday – the meeting of great minds.  As usual I was late – more late because I took the longer route to reach the venue.  It took me an hour kasi to look for the receipts.  I had them hidden away pala up in the locker to avoid flood waters.  hahaha And then I forgot which bag I placed it, so I have to look over my bedroom. When all the nooks were checked, I then decided that the receipts were in one of the luggage on top of my locker. Indeed it was there!

I thought it would be a meet and greet with new members, but then it is more of meeting new faces and they are not yet officially members of the society.  I am hoping and praying that those new faces will become active in the upcoming activities.

Here are some of the docs that will prove the event happened: hahaha

— most of the members of the core group

–and the new faces arrived just minutes after each other

–courtesy of Lai Mirasol, our web content manager and the owner of pinaytravelista

–the awarding is done.

I should Visit the Empire State Building

and that is in New York!  When I look back at my answers, there’s not much related to modern infrastructure.  I was more on nature views.  Oh well, that is the result and more detailed meaning of it is this in relation to my personality:

You work well with others. You appreciate the energy and strength of a team.
You are impulsive and emotional. You have a dynamic life that is always changing.


Now I can relate a bit to that description. hahahaha but the visiting the Empire State Building is not in my top list to visit in the world.  I’d rather go up the Statue of Liberty.

Do you want to check which place should you see in your travel?  Then check out Blogthings. ^^