Our beloved president’s visit @ AMCI

A “very” long post was gone in a wink of an eye because Mozilla crashed. Stupid of me to write it at the FB status section. lols but grrrrr

I started writing it here with the hope that I will transfer it to my blog once a new page for a new post can be accessed (connection is slow so it’s I cannot get a blank page for a new post.)

Oh well, what i was writing about was the waiting and the arrival of the President of the Philippines in our hospital. The few seconds of waving at him and his team from the 2nd floor annex side door was really a high moment. ha ha ha It made me relate to the screaming people at the street when his vehicle arrived. They screamed more when the President waved back at them. Hearing that kind of scream (i was at the ramps and people were lining at 18th Avenue and the Macky’s area made me ran to the Annex. lols!

I then waved hard from the 2nd floor, when he become visible to were we were standing.  We were kind of happy and giggling but yet I can hear the young police man saying, “ayaw diha mam. diri ra ka taman mam” lols! We were not allowed to go near the railings eh. It’s not me who was waiving. All of us at that area and below us were chanting his name.

After sometime, people were going back to their rooms and the place is somewhat clearing, I told Ate Lucy that we go to the loan at the back of the President’s office so we can have a glimpse of the President at a very near distance. 😀 Result of the move: I was able to wave at him and wished him well and I was able to shook the hands of General Dela Rosa. 😀

Thank you Mr. President for visiting our wounded heroes and awarding them medal of valor to commemorate their braveness and commitment to their duty to protect the people of the Philippines even in perilous situation.

Your visit to AMCI will never be forgotten.

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