A Happy Place

If I will ask this with anyone, surely I will be given a long list of answers, and each answer varies from the other.  Even a married couple often have different answers.  Why? Because sometimes a happy place is not a physical place, although many would answer me with strings of places.

Now, if I will answer this question then I would say, my happy place would be a place where I will be happy, and it may not mean a place that is perfect and free from wars and other troubles.  It may be a place where I can enjoy my solitude, yet I not lonely.  A place where I can do things which I love doing aside from work – it may be sorting my postcards and writing someone about it, or coloring mandalas while listening to soft music.  It may be a place where I can watch a nice movie and I can laugh like crazy and even cry like I am the one hurt in the movie and no one is going to judge me that I look a mess or acting like a mess.

My happy place at any moment may not need costly tickets.  The place may not be somewhere posh.  It may just be a small nook or most of the time, it is my bedroom.

How about you? Where is your happy place?

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