Extending Our Help

I wonder at times when relatives and friends come to you for help – how willing you are then to really give the help that the person needs.  Personally, when I can, I do. But if I cannot, I have a hard time telling them that I cannot, especially if those people who are asking for help are more older than you.


I think the food is the easiest thing to give away. You can give food to someone who is hungry.  You can share food any time to anyone.  i always believe that blessings shared do come back in manifold form.  But human as I am, I feel annoyed helping people who are so capable of finding means to work for money so that they can buy food, yet they just think that asking for food (beggars) is easier than working out their strength in any form of a job.


If you do not have some, then money is the hardest thing you can give away.  True or not? For me, it is true. I am one who does not have a big stash of amount in the bank.  Bad thing really but I cannot deny it.  So if you can see beggar on the streets, don’t give them cash, feed them instead.


Sometimes, it is nice to give clothes away.  But keep in mind that what we give away is still wearable.  I am sure the recipient will feel bad that what you give them is already good for the rags.


Time is very precious.  So time shared is a golden opportunity.

So whatever we have, be it food, money, clothing, or time – may we share it with a happy heart.