Music Store Hopping in Cebu City

After the new year, I traveled to Cebu City to catch up with my daughter.  She’s with her cousins and Omi.  I was suppose to be with her before the new year in the island of Cabilao, but due to typhoon Senyang, I was not able to make it.

I almost cannot believe that I travelled almost the whole first day of the year as well as most of the day on the 2nd day of the year.  It could have been nice if the weather was perfect. But nah, it was cloudy and the boat had some bumpy moments in the seas especially the trip from Tagbilaran to Bohol.  I did not stop calling unto God to bless us by letting us arrive on shore still in one piece.  We did! Thanks be to Him.

One day before our trip back to Cagayan de Oro, together with her grandma, we went to SM Music shops to look for a classic guitar. The prices made my jaw dropped. Wide open but was so quick to zipped it up before anyone would give me unsolicited attention. lol!  All the musical instruments on sale were of good quality.  So it’s like I can’t complain.  Not all were on discounted price so I said to myself, better luck next time.

We board the boat bound for Cagayan de Oro with my daughter’s new guitar, her precious guitar.

Keep Your Feet Firmly on the Ground

 photo keepyourfeetfirmlyontheground_zps5453b82c.jpg

So true!

Some people fails to appreciate where they come from when they have reached their ambitions in life. Some even make it worst by being so light-headed when they have gained some small victories on their way to bigger victories. I just think that God will not be happy when we feel so proud of our achievements. Failing to realized the source of all goodness in this life. So, may this quote reminds us to be always humble in whatever status we are in this life’s journey.