Teaching the kids music instruments at a young age

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This is Cris, my nephew, one Friday night, my last night in L.A. before flying back to the Philippines. He was so kind enough to give in to my request that he tries playing his violin. It was a simple piece he played yet I was impressed. It dawns on me then that my daughter has decided not to enroll in violin lessons this school year.

The daughter is still adjusting the college life so she is not enrolled in any musical lessons this semester and even last semester. But I know she has too. Young kids learns quick and priorities will be different already when they are more grown up. The daughter has been enrolled in guitar lessons as well as piano lessons from elementary grades until high school and I can say she is doing well in it but not yet enough to be called great player. Ha ha ha maybe she’ll do more better when she can have her own guitar with maple fingerboard.

Thank you Thank you Ang Babait Ninyo!

The official ABS-CBN Christmas station ID:

Such a nice song to remind that that we should be thankful everyday and the coming holiday season is one best time to let the people know how much thankful we are of them.

I have so much to be thankful for and my 100 list I am thankful about is still still in the making. 🙂