The Purpose of Our Lives…

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The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

I fully agree.

Just come to think of it the purpose of our life is not happiness? It would be real sad. Right? But in the real situation, many of the people are hopeless in having a happy life.  I do not have all the understanding why some people are deprived of the happy life that they should have because to each his or her own.  Right?  Life is what we make it.  So whatever we do, whatever we say, we should be mindful because everything we do, there’s always a result.

Home Hopping

In my 28 days in the land of the free and home of the brave was doing home hopping. If it was possible to do one home at a time, I would have done it.

The families that accommodated me for a night or so were so kind and thoughtful.  They made sure that my room was the best of its kind guestroom.  All beds were fluffy and the foam were sturdy and soft enough to promote good night’s rest.  Of course I haven’t asked them what was the brand of their bed mattress but I am thinking it might be one of this sturdy pad for comfortable a more comfortable sleeping chilipad product I saw online.

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(photo source: internet)

This is a sample photo fo the mattress that has a temperature control. And I know the one at Bhebzz and Carroll’s home was similar to this.

In the future, I will purchase this for my home, so that my visitors will also be comfortable in their sleep.


Ffollowland Funny Tests!

There is this particular test to be taken, by just writing down your name and then it will give the kind of qualities you have according to your name.  I had mine but did not share it on FB because I wonder why the “jealous” portion is quite high. lol!

Anyways, i also tried doing the following: (the answers here were ones on the FIRST TAKE)

– where will i meet my soulmate?  ONLINE (on facebook) now that really made me laugh out loud.  Not just an ideal place for me. lol

– How many people are secretly in love with you? it gave an answer of 3! whoaaa i wish it will also give me a hint of who are they.

– First initial of my PERFECT MATCH!  oh i was so interested to know and it gave me a LETTER C! now who is that. I still haven’t met someone who is partner potential with a name that starts with letter C!

– Why am I still single?  oh i just so love the answer!  — Because you’re fine on your own. Better that than wasting time with some idiot. hehehehe nice answer jud!

– How jealous are you? You are sort of jealous! Now i dunno what is that range. may a 5 of 10 because it says: you are half-way in between. You just fight for what’s yours.  

– How good a kisser are you? and the answer made me whoaaa you are one hot kisser!


oh well it’s been awhile since I take nonesense tests. and it feels funny to take once in awhile. =)