New Finds!

I’ve some hours here already browsing on anything that just come to mind. But I was reminded to look for a wedding gift. I am not invited to this wedding my friend is telling me, but my friend will be one of the ninangs. So do you want to know what I found? Check this… Continue Reading

We Met Again!

This was the first time we met. Circa 2012 (summer) Unexpectedly, we passed by you the day we arrived back in Dumaguete en route to Mindanao (Dapitan) So, we met again!

Overnight @ Ozamis City

During my birthday last month, I went on a birthday trip to Siquijor.  Thanks to Alex, for helping me make the trip possible. Iligan City is still 5 hrs away from Dapitan, so we are leaving the night before our journey to Dapitan.  Dapitan is our jump off point to Dumaguete en route to Siquijor…. Continue Reading

Traveling Again Soon

I made a birthday trip last month and I still haven’t made a series of posts about it. But anyway, another trip coming up.  It’s not a leisure trip since it is going to be class trip to the main campus in Luzon.  Flying out on Tuesday morning and will be back Monday the next… Continue Reading

New Office Furniture

I have moved into a new department.  Not really new because i worked in this department after i applied for work in this insitution 4 years ago.  Due to needs of personnel in other departments, i was assigned here effective first Monday of August.  Am barely two weeks in the area and i was already… Continue Reading