His music is what makes her love for him going

Let me share to you what my friend shared with me this afternoon during our chat in the facebook.  I find it interesting so I told her that I am going to post it in my blog.  And this is her story – Just earlier, I stumbled up on a master series chambered telecaster machine in the… Continue Reading

On Band Instruments

I took an extension leave yesterday to attend the burial service of my cousin in Talakag, Bukidnon. While on the way almost at the town, I observed that there were many festive flaglettes. Some street decors says – Aldaw a Talakag! It means it’s Talakag Day but there was no date reflected in the signages…. Continue Reading

A Quick Stroll at the City Hall Grounds

One Saturday afternoon, I joined my IBS family in going around the town to take photos of government offices for Google mapping.  I cannot forget that day because of what I wore to the “event” lol! I should have been informed that the attire is casual because we will still go out to take pictures…. Continue Reading

The Weather Should Not Ruin a Trip

Don’t let the torrents spoil your travel plans. Certainly, this is the best time to look for discount tour packages. Hook up your laptop with the free wifi connection anywhere and start looking  the best value tours around. You might be lucky enough to find your dream island getaway. There are a hosts of travel agencies… Continue Reading