His music is what makes her love for him going

Let me share to you what my friend shared with me this afternoon during our chat in the facebook.  I find it interesting so I told her that I am going to post it in my blog.  And this is her story –

Just earlier, I stumbled up on a master series chambered telecaster machine in the storage room. It belonged to the husband who was overly enthusiastic about his music inclination. He was into rock classics. The music genre of his youth. The kids were always amused as when he would start belting out few lines from the old classics. Even his old music player were flooded with such oldies.

And, so is his car. At every travels we made, particularly those that would entail him to do long hours of driving, his music is blaring through the car. It makes him wide alert. It makes him more focused on the road. And, yes, I am always thankful, we always make it to our destination unscathed. Thanks to his music it makes me love him more.  The stuff I found made me nostalgic.  Did a tear fall?


This is what she shared.  She is now 50 but she thinks she still feels so young when she talks that she is in love with the same guy for 20 years already.  Oh sigh. I envy them.


On Band Instruments

I took an extension leave yesterday to attend the burial service of my cousin in Talakag, Bukidnon.

While on the way almost at the town, I observed that there were many festive flaglettes. Some street decors says – Aldaw a Talakag! It means it’s Talakag Day but there was no date reflected in the signages.   I then mused to myself that maybe one day, I can have the time to witness the main day so that I can see presentations. Unknowingly, yesterday was the big day —

First thing that took place was the parade – people representing the Municipality down to the barangays as well as other NGO’s.  Two bands guided the march.

It’s been a long time since I saw someone playing the lyre, so when i saw this —

 photo 20140317_085557.jpg

I was in a moment reminded of high school life, where every Wednesday there is a formation.

No one in the band was playing a trumpet with bach 3c trumpet mouthpiece from guitar center. There were only lyres, cymbals, big drums, and small drums. Even though the instruments were not complete, still it produced a music that inspired the band members and the majorettes and the other participants sway their butts and walk with gait. Even me myself, can’t prevent my head from moving in response to the rhythm of the drums.

A Quick Stroll at the City Hall Grounds

One Saturday afternoon, I joined my IBS family in going around the town to take photos of government offices for Google mapping.  I cannot forget that day because of what I wore to the “event” lol! I should have been informed that the attire is casual because we will still go out to take pictures. I was thinking we will spent our time at the Chamber’s office to map 😀 Hindi pala. Mag picture lang so…hmmm…I looked funny!

Anyway, from Saray, we took a jeepney to the city hall.  I had several photos taken but let me just share a few.

The famous Anahaw Theater. This place is often use for presentations especially during city fiesta. I’ve never been down there. This was still my second time to really come this close.
 photo 20140222_163912.jpg

Still of the Anahaw Theater (the half part)
 photo 20140222_163920.jpg

“Welcome to Iligan City” It is my first time to see this marker. I never knew this exist. I then asked them, why is this place here? When it feels like it is in the suok (corner) They said that on the way up to the city hall, this side can be seen from the road.

 photo 20140222_164509.jpg

I still have to try though if makita ba talaga.

Next is the way to the Tourism Office. I can say Kamingaw sa payag. The place is close because it is a weekend.
 photo 20140222_165232.jpg

See that signage to Youth Affairs office? I commented on why it’s there and why in a paper or cardboard? They said, it’s a temporary daw.  Then they commented that this particular office is often transferred from one place to another.   Oh well, I hope the place they are in now will be permanent so they gonna have a permanent signage, too.

The playground. We saw a playground right across the tourism office. I bet this is a favorite spot for kids when they stroll in the area. Not just kids actually but for young couplers. Oh my on the couplers or young people dating.

The place is really conducive for dating and if unsupervised lots of things can happen there. No guards roam the area so it is really free zone for those who want a bit privacy in a public place.
 photo 20140222_165943.jpg

I cannot say that the whole place (City Hall) is awesome for tourist but at least it can be a haven for family strolls.

So if you are in the area during weekend, take some time to stroll the whole area. If you do briskwalk, it’s a bit enough to make you sweat.

The Weather Should Not Ruin a Trip

Don’t let the torrents spoil your travel plans. Certainly, this is the best time to look for discount tour packages. Hook up your laptop with the free wifi connection anywhere and start looking  the best value tours around. You might be lucky enough to find your dream island getaway.

There are a hosts of travel agencies around the city that offer all inclusive deals which can include airfare and hotel accommodation. Some packages may offer sightseeing tours to famous landmarks, museums, parks and other notable areas within the specified itineraries. Make sure to plan ahead and never to book flights at peak season.  If you love traveling on peak season be sure to book ahead.

But for a melancholic like me, I love the place when it is almost deserted.  I can find more meaningful visit in a place where I can took some time to contemplate and not being bumped at because of the crowd.   All I beg from above then a beautiful weather.