Dried Fish…Anyone?

Dried fish is called “bulad” in our dialect, which means it is being dried in the sun. Drying is one way to preserve the meat of the fish. I think this goes through the process of being dried through the sun and wind. Some are seasoned with salt and some will just have the natural… Continue Reading

Valentine 2014 Related Images ^&^

While most of the couples were out dating and spending special dinner night with their spouse or partners and kids, we were have class in Managerial accounting. Although we had dinner at Sunburst after class. Nothing significant really happened except that, each customer at the restaurant were given a balloon The red is mine and… Continue Reading

Coming Home

An aunt is coming home.  A coming home we all look forward to because she has not been home for 20 years although she country hopped Europe for all those years.  Something bad happened to here early last year that it looks like she is applying for disability appeal because of the pain she felt… Continue Reading

Rearranging & Organizing Stuff in Our Home

It’s been more than a month now that my mom has gone ahead, though it’s not yet forty days since that fateful day. Since we brought her to her temporary home, my sister took the time to sort on what’s to be given away and what’s to stay.  It’s been like that for many days… Continue Reading

Manila Sunset

Manila sunset is one of the famous view in the Philippines anyone could capture in a camera or video.  That’s my opinion and I am sure many would agree with me. In the many times I’ve been in Manila including the almost one year stay in Pasay, I never had the chance to go to… Continue Reading

Musical Instruments Make Heavenly Tunes

Fortunately, I was able to attend the prayer meeting this afternoon.  A little bit late but too timely for the special song.  It is a trio – 2 ladies and one gentleman.  It was the guy who played the guitar and the girls just sang beautifully.  Their blending sounds superb.  One thing that caught my… Continue Reading

The Banjo Song

Last night, I was reading a book where a banjo was mentioned as an instrumental piece of music. The word stuck in mind so this morning, I tried to google for a Banjo song because I remember when I was young, I often heard our neighbor humming a song called the Banjo song. =) Here… Continue Reading