Dried Fish…Anyone?

Dried fish is called “bulad” in our dialect, which means it is being dried in the sun. Drying is one way to preserve the meat of the fish. I think this goes through the process of being dried through the sun and wind. Some are seasoned with salt and some will just have the natural saltiness of the sea.

My family used to have this when we were young, but since my mom was diagnosed of heart problem in 2005, we stopped eating this sort of a staple food in Philippine homes.
 photo 20140222_160517.jpg

There are several famous dried fish depots in the Philippines that I know – Pagadian City, Zamboanga City, and Cebu City. But while doing these photos last Saturday afternoon, some of the dried fish displayed are from Jolo! Wow! That was far!

One of my colleagues buys dried fish in Pagadian City and send it to America. For Filipinos, this is a very special food especially if you are far from the home country or in places where it is not allowed to eat this “i dare you” food for some people who are not used to the strong fragrance of the dried fish.

 photo 20140222_160402.jpg

This is my fave variety. But it’s been awhile since I have tasted one.

This post is intended for dried fish lovers here in my city or in neighboring Northern Mindanao towns or first time visitors who likes “bulad” as their pasalubong to their loveones.  I meant to tell you that you do not need to travel far because we also have our own dried fish market here in Iligan City.

Location site of the market is in Barangay Saray. It is so easy to find if you are in the city in the nearby Barangays like Tibanga and San Miguel.

 photo 20140222_160334.jpg

For those who are used to the strong fragrance, the place was just okey. But for those who are not used to buying dried fish, then the place is not for you to visit.

I should have taken a shot of the whole place. My friends roamed almost the whole area. I just took several photos and stepped aside and waited for them. The smell was too much for an ex-dried fish eater. I say ex because as much as possible I avoid it because it is not good for my health.

This one has high content of salt, so it’s never good for an obese woman like me.

This walk was made possible through the Iligan Bloggers Society initiative activity to place Iligan public establishments in Google Maps.  I was late and they were that they decided to drop by the place.

From here, we all went up to the City Hall.

Will post soon about it.

Valentine 2014 Related Images ^&^

While most of the couples were out dating and spending special dinner night with their spouse or partners and kids, we were have class in Managerial accounting. Although we had dinner at Sunburst after class.

Nothing significant really happened except that, each customer at the restaurant were given a balloon

 photo ea5c2cb4-ca9a-4e24-80c2-28e6df800430.jpg

The red is mine and the pink is from Doc DLC.

We had dinner there with our teacher and some of our classmates. The usual group actually that goes out with our teacher during Friday dinner. We usually have dinner at 5:30 because of the Sabbath.

The next day, as usual, I went to church and after church, while waiting to get on air at 2pm, I made some selfies (ang hirap ha!) in the office.  Let me share with you the result though I really had a hard time doing it 😀

Don’t make any palag na that I am sharing my own “selfies” because this is my blog. okey? hehehe Oh well I am just kidding. Please know that some simple stuff that I know I will be able to forget months later or next year or the next five years, I am keeping it here in my blog. So…i’m sharing.

This is moi…

 photo 20140215_122402edited.jpg

and here’s another moi…

 photo 20140215_123235vintage.jpg

Both photos were framed using Photoscape frames.

I have so many photos I wish to share, but the effort of resizing it just makes me lazy even to make a blog post.

Coming Home

An aunt is coming home.  A coming home we all look forward to because she has not been home for 20 years although she country hopped Europe for all those years.  Something bad happened to here early last year that it looks like she is applying for disability appeal because of the pain she felt in her upper and lower back. I guess she was not complete cured after she fell off the high wall while working in her company’s grocery store. Poor aunt! Very hardworking and kind and she still experience this kind of pain. Anyway, we promised her a lot of relaxing days and daily massage for her to relax once she is home. Although some of us neices are really wondering if she could relax the first two weeks because there would be lots of family and relatives who would like to see her and say hello and maybe have a chit chat. But it’s a coming home we all look forward to!

Rearranging & Organizing Stuff in Our Home

It’s been more than a month now that my mom has gone ahead, though it’s not yet forty days since that fateful day. Since we brought her to her temporary home, my sister took the time to sort on what’s to be given away and what’s to stay.  It’s been like that for many days now and yet, nothing has been put away yet.   I plan of buying more plastic boxes so that it will be free from dust and other nook pests.

The idea of having wooden drawers and cabinets sounds good also. But the problem would be the space to be used. We do not have much space. But in case we will be able to afford having one made, I like to order a drawer slide.  photo 03320-024-01.gif

I found these online and I’ve been trying to look for this locally since I saw the drawer organizers at a friend’s home.

Manila Sunset

Manila sunset is one of the famous view in the Philippines anyone could capture in a camera or video.  That’s my opinion and I am sure many would agree with me.

In the many times I’ve been in Manila including the almost one year stay in Pasay, I never had the chance to go to Roxas Boulevard to take a photo of that beautiful sunset. There are many shots of it across the world wide web so it is my long time wish that one day, I will have the chance to capture it.

The chance came – February 2, 2014.

It was not included in the list of things to do during our Postcrossing – Philippines meet-up, but when walked out of The Hub to the statue of Rizal, the sun rays was ablaze. It was so near us – it promises a wonderful view of sunset, so we decided to go to the bayside  to watch sun go down over Manila Bay. So, allow me to share some shots =)

 photo 20140202_174753.jpg

This was my first shot. I then knew that my phone cannot capture the beauty that my eyes have behold. But then anyways, I only have my phone to take pictures.

Enjoy more shots:

 photo 20140202_174834.jpg

Here I am trying to get a zoom photo. I can’t zoom more because the result would be a pixelated one.

 photo 20140202_180428.jpg

 photo 20140202_181204.jpg

I have more in my file but let me just share these four.

I am glad we decided to watch the sun go down. Thanks to my companions: Sis Willa, Raine, and Joelle (new friend) — friends who just not love sunset but also postcards, stamps, and stickers. lol! Rence and Philip were with us in the meet-up but they got an appointment somewhere in Cubao so they missed the sunset that day.

Now I decided that my phone – Samsung Galaxy Win is just a fine phone. lol! I thought it is equivalent to a 3310 when it comes to modern era Samsung phones. ^&^

Musical Instruments Make Heavenly Tunes

Fortunately, I was able to attend the prayer meeting this afternoon.  A little bit late but too timely for the special song.  It is a trio – 2 ladies and one gentleman.  It was the guy who played the guitar and the girls just sang beautifully.  Their blending sounds superb.  One thing that caught my attention though is the guitar used. It looks like the one I saw at komplete 9 ultimate at guitar center, one of the kind that for sure my daughter wants.

The daughter will be coming home this weekend and if we have time we will go around and scout for her guitar.  I can’t wait for her to play tunes that will sound so heavenly.

The Banjo Song

Last night, I was reading a book where a banjo was mentioned as an instrumental piece of music. The word stuck in mind so this morning, I tried to google for a Banjo song because I remember when I was young, I often heard our neighbor humming a song called the Banjo song. =) Here are the lyrics of the soulful song. Soulful I think:

On my way down the road
on my way on my home
on my way down the road
on my way
oh the sign say this way
another sign say that way
another sign say
much too old to ever have a home
everybody need a place to lie
everybody need a place to cry
everybody need a place to die
in your own home
on my way down the road
on my way on my home
on my way down the road
on my way
oh the sign say this way
oh the sign say that way
another sign say
much too old to ever have a home
but everybody need a place to lie
everybody need a place to cry
everybody need a place to die
in your own home
everybody need a place to lie
everybody need a place to cry
everybody need a place to die
in your own home, home


Ohhh I miss the old days.

Lyrics is grabbed from the lyrics.com