Wanted Puppy Dog

A friend of mine tasked me to look for a puppy dog for her. One that is pure breed or at least half half with another breed. Her budget for purchase is 5,000.00. I posted in my facebook the wanted ads but have to take it down immediately because we have a neighbor whose pet dog gave birth to 3 golden retrievers. It is still two weeks old so they will wait for it turn a month or two before it will be on the ads for sale.

 photo DSC01798.jpg

This photo was taken at the airport in Bangkok and I can fully remember that before I left NAIA 3, I saw several sport dog that is used as security dogs. They look friendly but never dared to touch them because they are trained not to play with strangers.

Even now, if you touch down Manila airports, there are security dogs within the check-in area.

Jewelry Holder for Her

Last week, I received a big box of whatsoever goodies from my cousin.  The box is filled that it is exciting to think what’s inside before it was opened.  When the box was opened, i carefully pulled out one by one what’s inside checking of all stuff have names for whom.

Then I pulled out something like this:

 photo F20AC6F3.jpg

(photo not mine. source: internet)

It got a name at the hood “Dimple” and so I said to myself, so this is it! I am sure she will love it. She does not have enough jewelry here to hang it in that holder, but she got a few that it would look nice if placed in a jewelry holder.

Dashing Bride

One of the weddings that I cannot forget simply because I took pictures of them is the wedding of Byrne and Anne.  Byrne is a high school classmate of mine and one of the closest to us especially to my sister.

Few of us classmates in high school attended his wedding and we were just so lucky to be around to witness such special occassion.

Anne is just one of the dashing brides I know during her wedding day, and this photo will prove it:

 photo DSCF1521.jpg

I feel proud in sharing this one pic of her with them. I told Ann that she was so beautiful during her wedding day.  She is beautiful every day but she was more during the day she got married to our classmate.

The look of one who is so in love and so happy to be married…

Scouting for Saxophone

Months ago, some of my co workers tasked someone to scout a saxophone for them, for their kids use. I also asked the favor but not for a saxophone, but for a violin.  I had my violin but there was no saxophone for them.  They were told that they ran out of stock but hopefully it will be available months later.  My friends were disappointed but I told them about saxophones for sale at a Music Center. I dunno if they have already ordered because the problem with this is that, they have to order from the states and the freight costs much. So if someone comes home from there, it would just be easier and way cheaper since it can be hand-carried by the bearer.

I was thinking for sometime that my daughter would ask me one day to buy her a saxophone, since her dad plays music with the saxophone so beautifully.  That’s how I know though I wonder now if he is still constantly practicing to maintain his being a sax artist.  But that day hasn’t come yet because she is still satisfied with her piano lessons, and also the violin lessons that need her full attention.