Affordable Guitar Lessons @ MSH College

The music room at the college has been existing for almost three years now.  When it started, I was planning to enroll in voice lesson with the hope that somehow in the future, I could join singing group.  I love to sing yet I am not a member of any of the group here.  I have not undergone any voice training so they can’t let anyone like me who lacks training to join their group.  But with the nature of my work, I failed to enroll. But I kept singing on my own – at home: in my bedroom and much more in the bathroom.  I really do not sound bad but my voice needs polishing to be in but not in any famous group such as Spice Girls or a duet with Charlotte Church.

Anyway, so much for that voice lesson failure, I am thinking of enrolling in guitar lessons. There are several friends in my list that knows how to play the guitar on a master level, yet they do not have time to teach young once. lol!

I now have a several pieces of music with chords hoping to play them with confidence using a guitar instrument. I saw this affordable line 6 mobile in at guitar center and I will try to check out if they have it at Lim Kit Kai Center.  If i can purchase one, then I will enroll in a guitar lesson at our Music Room.

I Got a New Umbrella!

I did not carry an umbrella with me during our recent travel, thinking that our trip will be from airport to airport only and typhoon Odessa was already in Hong Kong the day before our scheduled flight to Manila. So I thought there is no more rain in Manila.  But I was wrong!   Our plane was delayed in arrival due to unfavorable weather situation in Manila.

Huh! Its’ raining out there?   But i tried to forget that I don’t have an umbrella and it is raining in Manila.  We are going to take the taxi anyway from the airport to the hotel.  That means I do not have the intention of doing  “transportation adventure” with our luggage. Ok lang sana if backpack lang.  So we took the taxi from the departure area and off we traveled to the inn.  It took us less than 20 minutes, we were dropped off at the front of the  inn/guesthouse.

We were both tired because of lack of sleep the night before and we have to wake up early that morning.  So we slept the afternoon away.  No lunch.   We were hungry but we were more sleepy.

I woke up and it was already dark and it was raining too, stronger than it was earlier that afternoon.  It was seven in the evening and my daughter was hungry.  If it was me alone, I won’t go out anymore.  But I am not gonna drag my daughter to hunger strike due my lazyness – just plain lazyness.  So we decided to go out.

I do not have an umbrella. I got an old one but left at home. Luckily, my daughter got one.  And it was a tiny one. lol! But we managed because someone came to help us find a taxi.  He took our tiny umbrella and he gave us his big umbrella. He got a huge one, one that can shelter three people.

We had a hard time finding a taxi in the rain, so we took a sikad/padjak (a bike with a side-car) or whatever you call it. Off we went to the Taft-Quirino station and indeed, there were many fastfoods there.

After eating, it was still raining and I was determined to find a store with umbrella.  Luckily, there was an “assorted” shop at the back of Jollibee. Luckily, they have an umbrella for sale.  So I got one! A black one!

 photo DSC_1225.jpg

It is a cheap one. It’s more of a disposable umbrella than an umbrella for keeps.  But I also know that if I will just handle it with extra care, it might last for some months then I won’t feel bad for the Php 80.00 that I paid for it.

With my own umbrella and my daughter got hers too, we went around the area to find a grocery store to buy water and something for breakfast the next morning.  Instead of taking the padjak again, we decided to walk back to where we came from and we discovered it was not really far.  It was just a ten-minutes walk from Jollibee-Quirino.  But I think it would have felt nearer if it was not raining.

When we arrived back at the inn, we freshen up for the night then put our umbrella at the side to be dried off.

 photo DSC_1222.jpg

My new umbrella
Date bought: September 23, 2013
@ an Ukay2 | Assorted store near Jollibee Quirino-Taft

Warm & Comfy Bed for Weary Travelers

All our accommodation during our travel last week was in an airconditioned-room.  From Manila to Palawan (El Nido and Puerto Princessa.  It was very comfortable.  The room was so cool especially at night but thanks to our blankets, it just protect us from the cold though I was wishing that it would be great if they have a throw blanket electric so that cold can never be felt especially for those who decides to sleep on the floor.

 photo DSC_1198-1.jpg

This is our bed in Manila (Leesons Residences)

 photo DSC_0755.jpg

This is our bed in Puerto Princessa, Palawan (PAH Guesthouse)

Looks so comfy. Right?  Perfect bed for weary and on-a-budget travelers.

One bed is missing in the picture. The one we had in El Nido. We arrived midnight and everyone was just so tired plus the arrangements of the next days activities. So much to do that I failed to take a picture of the beds before it was occupied by our companions.

Off to Manila [Day 1]

I am taking a five days leave from work and September 23 was the first day.  Our flight was morning and we are expected to arrive in Manila before 12.  But due to an unfavorable weather, we were a bit delayed in our flight, but no complaints whatsoever.

 photo DSC_1149.jpg

The night before, I slept so late, I think it was past midnight already and me and daughter were set to leave at exactly six in the morning to have an ample time to taking the bus to catch our 10 o’clock flight.  So, the lack of sleep + more delays at the airport + rainy Manila = almost two hours delay to our expected check-in at Leesons Residences in Malate.

I was undecided which taxi to take, yellow taxi or the taxi at the departure level.  But after checking it through, we left via the departure level and that saved really saved me several hundred pesos fare from airport to Malate.  Yellow taxi will cost me Php 530.00 while the taxi at the departure level only cost me Php 150.00 though I was the one who paid the Php 20.00 at the skyway toll gate. It was not bad decision after all.

The delays tired me much and the same with the daughter plus the rain, so we spent the afternoon, sleeping. lol!

If we don’t need to have dinner, then we would have slept the night away.

Here are a few photos for the first day:

 photo DSC_1171.jpg

An interesting sight from up the sky. I’ve seen this place several times already but still I did not have the right name of the place. No one ever took the guess when I posted the pic in my FB wall.

 photo DSC_1183.jpg

The plain the brought us to Manila. 🙂 Cebu Pacific is my unofficial flight carrier when I fly during my travels.

 photo DSC_1188.jpg

A just-got-off-the-plane selfie! While on our way to the baggage carousel. 🙂
I don’t look worried. Right? Though i was a bit worried because it was raining in Manila and I was thinking that the bad weather will mess up my travel plan.

 photo DSC_1192.jpg

The daughter! excited or tired?
I cannot tell but it seems she’s not affected of the delays because her phone contain lots of books to read. Poor mommy me isa libro lang ang dala for the whole week. lol!