Furnishing a BMW

I had experienced joy riding many cars.  But for a BMW, not much.  So my friend who got a hand me down BMW car from her father is informing her close girl friends sometime we go out on joy ride to the coastal highway and have fun.  For now, she is converting a bit of… Continue Reading


If women often talks about fashion, men often talks about cars. Am sure men does not always talk about women. They said there are even situations that men are going crazy for car accessories as they love their car deeply then their spouse. Huh! i can’t relate because i don’t have a spouse. lol! My… Continue Reading

It’s Been Awhile

It’s been awhile since I travelled – a little bit far than Cagayan de Oro City.  The last time was in April and I really complained about it to someone who does not appreciate me being away from home.  Someone who just want me to be home and work.  Not that he is jealous to… Continue Reading

Things to Do in a Book Shop

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A friend messaged me in Facebook last night that she is thinking of opening up a book shop that sells cheap books.  The ambience of a shop must be comfy for customers to drop by to browse what they want to buy and have a seat in a nook to start reading what they have… Continue Reading

Mini Falls @ Taytay Spring Resort

This is the pool at Taytay Spring Resort. I find myself with friends twice already in the past months. It is still a flowing spring pool but the water is cool, not cold compared to the neighboring pools down in the highway. If given the chance to have a swimming again, I will chose the… Continue Reading

Getting Ready for Christmas

Months before Christmas is a high time to prepare stuff for your Christmas decorations.  Maybe you are one likes to decorate by theme.  Others would like to have different decor colors each year.  Others area already planning for a fresh cut tree or others wanted the one that can be bought at the store and… Continue Reading

Butuan City

All these years, Butuan City is just a place where I pass through going to Davao City.  In my forty plus years, I passed through the nth time.  Then it was last year, once in the summer, and once in December that we spent a night there @ NeMM headquarters guestroom. I thought that was… Continue Reading

Lounge Seat @ Imperial

This is a one of the lounge seat I saw during our visit to IMperial Resort in Cebu City. I even took a moment to try seating on it because I like the design.  Though this one has nothing to lean on so it is quite tiring if one sits there for a long time…. Continue Reading