Furnishing a BMW

I had experienced joy riding many cars.  But for a BMW, not much.  So my friend who got a hand me down BMW car from her father is informing her close girl friends sometime we go out on joy ride to the coastal highway and have fun.  For now, she is converting a bit of the insides into a little bit “girly” or “pinky” or “purple” haven.  She ordered her bmw x5 custom floor mats from one of the shops online and she said what lacks is a nice stereo and also some velvety cushions for a comfortable relaxation at the back seat. She said 6 friends can ride along. I am one of them and I am excited.

I do wish though we can go out this weekend but she is still very busy with her shop plus the car is not yet ready for the inspection of her girlfriends – so she will move it to 3 more weeks away.

I think it is easy to furnish a bmw car for a man.  But for a lady in college and a jolly and cool type? OH she loves pink and purpose.


If women often talks about fashion, men often talks about cars. Am sure men does not always talk about women. They said there are even situations that men are going crazy for car accessories as they love their car deeply then their spouse. Huh! i can’t relate because i don’t have a spouse. lol! My boss always emphasize on the cleanliness of his car as he believes that his car represents himself.  I think he is right.  Whatever things we love and how it looks like reflects our personality.

Now check out the accessories that you need for your car even if you are not really a car lover.

It’s Been Awhile

It’s been awhile since I travelled – a little bit far than Cagayan de Oro City.  The last time was in April and I really complained about it to someone who does not appreciate me being away from home.  Someone who just want me to be home and work.  Not that he is jealous to of whom I met while traveling, but his worried much when I am not in the comforts of my home or in the office.  He is just feeling so over protective.  He is scared of the thought that I will be out there and something might happen and he for sure cannot help or assist me in whatever ways.  He told me that he will always be my ally in thoughts and in prayers.

Oh well, I was okey of the idea because it saved me from travel expenses but it made me so depress that I grew wide on the midsection.  I became a couch potato instead of a traveler. I spent more time in front of my laptop every time I am off from work.  Thanks to bt broadband prices it allows me to have my own internet connection from home – that makes me online 24 hours when I want to.  Package offerings really saves you money compared to subscribe to internet on regular offers.  Some perks on subscribing the packages are the unlimited add-ons.  But soon, I am going to be away online for seven days.  Why?  Because I am off to travel again!

Me and daughter will be on the road (traveling) again next month.  We don’t have our money for our expenses but we are both excited for it already.  The last time we went traveling outside of Mindanao was in 2010.  This time we gonna do it again and it is my birthday treat for her.  We’re off to Palawan this time!

Things to Do in a Book Shop

A friend messaged me in Facebook last night that she is thinking of opening up a book shop that sells cheap books.  The ambience of a shop must be comfy for customers to drop by to browse what they want to buy and have a seat in a nook to start reading what they have purchased.

Her plan sounds nice but then the problem of where to buy such books is now a problem. First is we have to decide what books to sell. If it’s going to be sell back textbooks or be it adult books, or we can have kiddie comics and adult magazines, too. I will try asking a friend in the states if she can purchase for us books on sale over there. Though a one dollar book there is already expensive  if sold here at Php 100.00 pesos.

Anyway, we still have a long way to go but here’s my imagination on what things i can do in a book shop:

  • Browse for books
  • Sit in a nook and browse the books I like to buy
  • If i don’t have money to buy, i’ll just sit by the nook and read
  • Read a book with hot coffee (vending machine stands outside the book shop

There are more things to do in there but surely not talking.  Book shop should be a quiet and comfortable place to hang around.

Mini Falls @ Taytay Spring Resort

 photo CopyofDSC_0487.jpg

This is the pool at Taytay Spring Resort. I find myself with friends twice already in the past months. It is still a flowing spring pool but the water is cool, not cold compared to the neighboring pools down in the highway. If given the chance to have a swimming again, I will chose the same place.

One thing though, the place is a bit far. Unlike those in the high way, it can be accessed by public utility vehicles, any time. But to get to Taytay, you still have to take a motor trip. Either you take the trip alone and pay the whole fare or have it with another person to share the fare with.

 photo CopyofDSC_0542.jpg

Just below the cottages, there is falls. I call it a mini falls.

 photo 4bfc51ed-8150-4ecf-ba9c-77f8539409bb.jpg

Me and the mini falls!

Taytay Cold Spring Resort is located in Barangay Ditucalan, Iligan City.  It is one nice place for a family Sunday get away.  They have the big pool for adults and small pool for kids.

Getting Ready for Christmas

Months before Christmas is a high time to prepare stuff for your Christmas decorations.  Maybe you are one likes to decorate by theme.  Others would like to have different decor colors each year.  Others area already planning for a fresh cut tree or others wanted the one that can be bought at the store and can just be folded after the yuletide season.

Whatever be your best choice to prepare Christmas decoration stuff, any time is best.  For me, the farther the time the better because price wise, it goes down during the summer.  If you like, you can now shop ornaments because they have lots of items that are on sale.

 photo 277143_l.jpg

Check it out now before their supplies ran out of stock.   This is one of my faves from the items I saw.  I wish I can order some…

Butuan City

 photo IMG_3029-1.jpg All these years, Butuan City is just a place where I pass through going to Davao City.  In my forty plus years, I passed through the nth time.  Then it was last year, once in the summer, and once in December that we spent a night there @ NeMM headquarters guestroom. I thought that was the only time, only a night.

Lately, two weeks ago, I had the chance to attend the Radio Broadcasting workshop
@ NEMM that allowed me to sleep stay there for the whole three days.  That was already something huh because in one of the afternoons, I had the chance to have a glimpse of their city.

With the short time (maybe an hour), I discovered the following:

  • The city is not so big, nor too small
  • The city is sprawled in a plain area
  • The elevated spot (mountain) was far away from the city
  • The third largest river in the Philippines runs through the city
  • They have two large and long bridge
  • The “newbridge” is called Diosdado Macapagal Bridge
  • Their Gaisano Mall looks very impressive on the outside, I thought it’s bigger than the one we have here in Iligan
  • They have decent places to stay, too ( we saw some while going around)
  • They have nice places to eat, too!

 photo IMG_3054-1.jpg

Now I know I can spend more than three days there if given the time.  Why? Because Meljoie is there.  He is one of my schoolmates in College who happen to be a co-missionary in China but in different province, yet he took time to visit us twice in Shijiazhuang.  He promised me that next time I will go there, they will bring me to the place where there is a zipline adventure.

Lounge Seat @ Imperial

 photo 218147_10150234009306718_7240889_n.jpg

This is a one of the lounge seat I saw during our visit to IMperial Resort in Cebu City. I even took a moment to try seating on it because I like the design.  Though this one has nothing to lean on so it is quite tiring if one sits there for a long time.  I like the one with back rest so that when one gets tired, he or she can lean slightly and immersed in a good book while waiting for someone.  I have seen another design. It still round but with seat cushion specials which promises a more relaxing experience.  If I will have a bigger house, then I’d like to have one like this in the library.