To Kill or Not To Kill?

Dirty places can produce pests of all kinds.  And you know how yucky it is when you see pests around your house and they tend to show off their nature usually at night that it scare the best in you.  You screamed like someone stabbed at you at the back.  If you are in this… Continue Reading

Birthday Greetings

Last month was my friend, Maricar’s birthday. I really thought I could make it there because we did not have class that weekend. But since I caught the flu bug, I just refrain from seeing her because I might be able to share my bad bugs and will make her and her princess, sick. So… Continue Reading

Malingon Falls Revisited

Malingon is one of the two falls that Mountain View College prided at. I say pride because they are part of the wonderful natural blessings of the Lord in that hilltop educational institution. I remember so well that I have visited both falls during my first year in college. I think it’s a hiking treat… Continue Reading