That DJ Guy

I happen to know someone who love to work as a DJ.  He is really good at it.  Sometimes when he does voice overs in church, I said to my myself, that this guy will really go a long way in life in the field of communication if he finishes school.  Unfortunately, in order to… Continue Reading

On Guitar Accessories

Generally, people look out for places right at the moment when they have the need to go there or have the need to check it out or have the need to know some information.  Right?  When we want to eat something, we google for places if there are restaurants nearby that serves the food we… Continue Reading

Protect Yourself with Medicare Plans

One of the deductions that an employer pays for his employees is Phil Health premium and that is equivalent to medicare supplement plans in the States. So any worker here is being encouraged to pay this premium because it is for their own good. At least a part of their medical bill can be assisted… Continue Reading

Still Blessed

In spite not much time is given to this blog, this blog is still very much blessed. So I feel like dancing with the music every time I felt that this love is really loved. This is one of the oldest blog that I have started. A gift from a blogging diva, so whatever happens… Continue Reading