Lunch By the Beach | Midway White Beach Resort


Two Saturdays ago, I tag along with my friends and a new friend as we head to Midway Beach Resort.  Our visitor hails from Davao City and he is on a journey exploring the wonderful places of the Philippines and thankfully he included Iligan City during his trip.  I think Iligan was the last before… Continue Reading

Saxophone Duet

I love Kenny G because he plays the sax so smoothly. He is my fave saxophone player. In my daughter’s school, a few of her friends know how to play sax and these are the guys in the photo.  This photo was taken during their Music Festival last March. My photo seems not clear because… Continue Reading

Election 2013: I Voted!

The blue sky looks so beautiful. Thanks for the hours of rain last night, the sky looks so inspiring and seems to encourage me to go out to my precinct area to cast my vote. I have heard that precincts were clustered and I have not checked which area should I go directly. Thanks to… Continue Reading

A Family Transportation

This is one of the most interesting thing I saw during the Youth Congress 2013 held the other week ago in Mountain View College.  It’s a vehicle for the whole family and the families of the family.  I did not see anyone whom I can ask on how many people can ride that jeepney, but… Continue Reading