Lunch By the Beach | Midway White Beach Resort

Two Saturdays ago, I tag along with my friends and a new friend as we head to Midway Beach Resort.  Our visitor hails from Davao City and he is on a journey exploring the wonderful places of the Philippines and thankfully he included Iligan City during his trip.  I think Iligan was the last before he traveled back home to Davao.

 photo Photo0215.jpg

The weather was perfect but it was too hot in spite of the we were by the beach side. The water looks so tempting but no one dared to swim because the sun feels like it wants to eat the whole of you when you are out there. They have a swimming pool, but it was a bit crowded. When it’s a small pool, I don’t like joining the crowd because we do not have an idea on how many times the pool is cleaned or if the water is flowing or not. They have the adult pool as well as the kiddie pool so hopefully they have stuff like goldline salt cell for their use.  It is really important to use the right things and materials in maintaining the quality of pools.

We just tried to enjoy the view around us while we waited our food to be delivered.    Here’s a couple of the food we ordered:

 photo Photo0210.jpg
— just some of the foods: chicken adobo & friend ketong–

There was also the pansit and the calamares. We had green mangoes, sinegwelas, mixed nuts, and chips (junk foods). Jam, Alex, Glen, me, and later Richard feasted on these simple foods. We were so full but still no one was tempted to swim. We looked forward to be in a place where the wind is cool and we will indulge in a very very cold softdrinks or soda, so we decided to leave.

Before we left, we had few shots. We asked someone to click the camera for us. I still haven’t seen any group pic we did but I hope later, they will share.

Since I still don’t have a copy of a group pic, let me share my selfie one: hahaha

 photo Photo0217-1.jpg

That’s me!

And we left. We directly went to Echavez to grab a cold softdrinks and we also enjoyed their cool place. After a short while, we head off to the forest through a motorela.

Saxophone Duet

 photo SAM_0168.jpg

I love Kenny G because he plays the sax so smoothly. He is my fave saxophone player. In my daughter’s school, a few of her friends know how to play sax and these are the guys in the photo.  This photo was taken during their Music Festival last March. My photo seems not clear because I was taking a shot a bit far behind and I was not using my camera with a better zoom feature. Anyways, they played the sax beautifuly. Thanks to their microphones because it gave enough volume for the people at the back to hear. I am not sure though if these microphones are like the cool microphones i saw for sale online. I think I am going to share this information to their property custodian so that they can check it out in case they need new microphones for the coming school year.

Election 2013: I Voted!

 photo Photo0164.jpg

The blue sky looks so beautiful. Thanks for the hours of rain last night, the sky looks so inspiring and seems to encourage me to go out to my precinct area to cast my vote. I have heard that precincts were clustered and I have not checked which area should I go directly.

Thanks to signages, it was easy to find way to the high school gym at MSU-IIT. I guess two Barangays were using the area – the Barangay San Miguel and Barangay Tibanga.

 photo Photo0168.jpg

 photo Photo0169.jpg

This is the first thing I saw when I was directed to go into one area – there my precinct #0411A! So I was at the right place plus familiar faces were all over the place. 🙂 Tata whom I was still chatting on FB was already there. See how FB eats my time when I started FBing. Oh well, I just had a nice chat with someone talking of “”Love Hurts” thingy. lol! So I just totally forget about the time.

And oh, for a moment I thought of my Dad because the last time I voted, we did it in the same room.  I even assisted him because he can’t read the names.  I was the one who shaded it for him 😀  I am sure he is in better place now, no more lining up in crowded places to get his turn.  If he is still alive today, I am sure at 7am he’s already in IIT and will take his turn first because he belongs to the “Senior Citizen” group. 🙂

 photo Photo0166.jpg

Then in less than a minute, I found my name!

 photo Photo0170.jpg

In three minutes, I was in. 🙂

 photo Photo0171.jpg

What took sometime in the process was the filling of the form. 🙂 I had no problem in my senatorial list, and rep list. What took me time to bontot – bontot to complete our very own local councilors councilors. 🙂

The PCOS machine did great in “eating-in” my paper. I almost ask the watcher if is it possible to take a photo of the machine. But to avoid delays and “raised eye-brows” for no, I just shut my mouth. At least we were allowed to bring in our phones as I read in the FB earlier that in some areas, phones were not allowed into the room.

 photo Photo0180.jpg

So, this is my inked index finger!

Dirty for a Cause. 🙂

A note to my friends who were not able to cast there vote today:

Please visit our COMELEC office a month or so after this for registration.  Most of them gave up the thought of registering because of the long lines.  But surely this time, post-election time, surely the lines would be bearable.

A Family Transportation

 photo IMG_2480.jpg

This is one of the most interesting thing I saw during the Youth Congress 2013 held the other week ago in Mountain View College.  It’s a vehicle for the whole family and the families of the family.  I did not see anyone whom I can ask on how many people can ride that jeepney, but I was so sure that a lot can take a ride.  This vehicle travels in General Santos City.  I presume that the owner is an Adventist family that is why they are there.

MVC campus that time was full of delegates.  They said it was close to twenty thousand or more delegates from all over Mindanao.  That also meant that there were lots of vehicles in many areas.  People were accommodated in different places – there were those who stayed in the dorms, and there were also those who stayed in tents.

Tents, vehicles, and people were just all over the places where they are allowed to stay.  People from all walks of life who have vehicles of different brands and sizes. I even think that some of them got their cars from auto lift deals. Twenty years ago in MVC, those who have cars can just be counted with the fingers in my hands. But nowadays, they are beyond the fingers and toes.