Traveling | What to Bring Home?

Several times I went out on a travel and then when it is about to go back, I am then bombarded with the question: what to bring home?  People at home are of different ages. We have a little one, we have teens, and then adults. Not all can appreciate tokens so I often end up carrying food.

The last “vacation” trip I took was in February last month. We went to the Northern tip of the country.  It was a very memorable trip because all of us in the group were first timers to that place.

Now going back on what to bring home, I am sharing here three photos of things that I wanted to bring home that time:

1. Fresh Flower (Lily?)

I saw this flower on the first day.  This is very cheap and I wish it was our last day and it was our day to travel back to Iligan, but since it was not, then I just have to take a shot for remembrance.
 photo 914eab4b-2fbf-4643-84af-edd9b279f450.jpg

2.  Garlic and Onions.

We saw this on the first day but decided to buy it later when we are about to come home.  Indeed I bought one strand of that garlic and a bundle of onions to be given away to friends.

 photo f9c5290a-1cbd-434c-a057-651b72be5513.jpg

3.  Cigar

The first thing on my mind when I saw this tobacco, was my father.  My father loves to smoke and I am sure that anything like that from the land of his forefathers would tickle his heart.  I know tobacco is not good for the health but this kind is like those ones that are categorized as best mild cigars. I am sure he will love this! This cost Php 20/piece. My father died last year so he will never ever know that I have been to the land of his roots.

 photo 4cfaa9ab-ddf1-4d88-a0f5-794fc2181383.jpg

Now you may asked me what did I brought home? 😀  I cannot enumerate them one by one but surely I had tons of photos and most of them are already posted in my Facebook account. 🙂


Thankfulness Thoughts

<3 salamat Ginoo sa mga panalangin nga imong gi bubo karong semanaha.

<3 salamat sa kinabuhi nga ginatagamtam namo taman karong tungora.

<3 salamat sa amiga ug amigo nga nakapapugong sa akong edad ug naghatag kanako ug gugmay ug kalipay.

<3 salamat pud sa pagtandong sa kasing kasing ni pulis nga nakapanweldo siya sa iyang mga asawa.

<3 salamat pud sa mga trabaho nga imong gihatag ug sa mga inughatag pa.

<3 salamat sa mga pulong ug mga edea nga moabot sa among hunahuna sa panahon nga magkandarapa mi ug sinulat sa imong mga panalangin.

Palihug pud ko ug hikap sa kasingkasing sa mga tao luyo sa paypal nga hinaut itaas ang baylo aron dili modugo among ilong sa kaguol nga human sa binilaray ug sulat ug mga gitara ug uban pa, malipay pud ang tanan ga trabaho.

I am just happy to see and be able to talk with old friends.  I felt so loved and I thank God for people like them.  <3

Durian Festival 2013

I have heard of Durian Festival but I did not realized that it is this week, not until we passed by this place this afternoon, while on our way to Davao City.

 photo IMG_1637.jpg

Durian Festival! During the 76th Araw ng Kalinan (Foundation Day). I did not get off the van anymore but I managed to take this photo through the glass.

 photo IMG_1641.jpg

That’s Pastor N buying fruits — for him and for us. lol! He bought Lanzones (the green type), Rambutan, and Mangosteen. Durian? he decided that it will be for later. The Rambutan tastes so good and its ripeness was just enough. I did not dare tasting the Lanzones since I have already eaten several kinds of fruits and I hate to experience a troubled stomach while traveling.

They said all kinds of fruits when eaten promotes good health but Mangosteen is special as it is one of the power fruits that ever exist.  Fruits are the best food for our body compared to artificial foods and foods rich in preservatives. I know too that music is good for the health that is why it is good to sing even no one is hearing.  Others uses minus one to kill their time and it is a good exercise of the vocal chords and the heart.

Going back to that Festival, on the 10th, they are going to serve Durian for free or for a very low price. It’s an eat-all-you-can type of eating fresh Durian fruit. On our way back on Wednesday, my companions are already planning to drop so they can buy fruits to bring home to family and friends.

Photo Story # 01 – Good Mornight @ Hotel Del Norte, Laoag City

 photo IMG_9059.jpg

So this PS is to begin and this is my first post.

The lamp post above my head at Hotel Del Norte in Laoag City. We hit the bed at past midnight of February 11, so that was February 12 already. We arrived in Laoag at almost 11 in the evening and it took us sometime to arrived at our hotel because we took their free coaster ride from airport to the city. Such a nice treat for Tourists! Thanks to their Tourism program.

Anyway, we did not let the chance pass of taking a glimpse of the city at night.  Plus we are a bit hungry, too, so we went out.  We arrived back at the hotel at a bit past one am already.  So instead of saying good night, we said good mornight!