Being a Co-maker

I heard the word co-maker in a few of my accounting classes.  Then the first time i used the word was during the time i applied for a UCPB loan back in 1996.  Then later i often heard my mom complain that she co-makered with someone who does not know how to pay the loan… Continue Reading

Flood Destroyed One of Our Display Cabinets

One thing unforgetable happened today.  Due to low pressure turned typhon called Cresing, the water came into the house today.  I woke up to the feel of water upon my feet the moment I stepped out of the bedroom.  I thought the thick rugs placed in the space below the door would prevent the water… Continue Reading

Missed the Feel of Flying!

It is still a few days since the last time I flew – flying in from Manila last Sunday, yet I already felt like I missed flying.  Last week, I flew four times – one is going out of Mindanao to Manila then from Manila to the northern tip of the country and then another… Continue Reading

Corregidor Island | I was There!

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And this photo is one of the proofs! Taken inside the Pacific War Memorial. Thanks to my trip treat sponsor, Willa Stock!  Thanks too for taking this photo, sis.  The shots of me while there was only from your camera since I was so busy taking photos of what I can see around. Thank you… Continue Reading