Being a Co-maker

I heard the word co-maker in a few of my accounting classes.  Then the first time i used the word was during the time i applied for a UCPB loan back in 1996.  Then later i often heard my mom complain that she co-makered with someone who does not know how to pay the loan and she ended up paying the loan.  When i heard her complain like that, i really get upset.  So i reminded her often not to be a co-maker with anyone or she should be sure the person requesting her knows how to pay the loan.

Today, one of my friends here became a co-maker for a P21,000.00 patient account.  That was huge.  The patient was their neighbor and the patient nor her family do not have any medicare plans or even just Medicare part D plans so there is no medicare deductions in their bill. I really felt so bad because that bills was only incurred for a day with the patient dead.

I just think that the family did not use their head. They should have brought their patient at an early time. It does not matter how high would be the bill as long as the patient get cured and well. But the patient went home dead. 🙁 So sad.

So i encourage everyone to work on their medicare plans so that when health emergency cases arise they have a medicare.

Flood Destroyed One of Our Display Cabinets

One thing unforgetable happened today.  Due to low pressure turned typhon called Cresing, the water came into the house today.  I woke up to the feel of water upon my feet the moment I stepped out of the bedroom.  I thought the thick rugs placed in the space below the door would prevent the water coming in.  But nah it did not. Water slowly came in just like the flow of water in a faucet and it was ankle deep in awhile.  I wish we are powerful that to prevent the water we can just use clamping kits to put off the water. Or we have the power to divert the water directly to the big canals and into the sea.  Oh well, I missed work in the morning and one of our cabinets, gave up its foundation so it was leaning back when I left home for work early this afternoon.

Now I am off to home after this post and continue working from there.

What a life!

Missed the Feel of Flying!

It is still a few days since the last time I flew – flying in from Manila last Sunday, yet I already felt like I missed flying.  Last week, I flew four times – one is going out of Mindanao to Manila then from Manila to the northern tip of the country and then another one back to Manila and then back to home.  4 flights!  I can imagine the life of flight stewards and stewardesses who flies daily.  I guess it’s exciting for them. I love the feel of the take-off and the touch down.  What I hate is the queuing to get to the plane and then the deplaning.

On our flight out, me and friends joked about what if the plane ran of fuel and the stopping up in the sky anytime is possible. Crazy imaginations! I am sure the hose they used for fuel transfer from as mobile tank to the plane’s fuel tank needs the right kind of hose that is being bought at any aircraft hose distributor.  The distributors must be qualified to supply such needs to promote safety to commuters.

Corregidor Island | I was There!

And this photo is one of the proofs! Taken inside the Pacific War Memorial. Thanks to my trip treat sponsor, Willa Stock!  Thanks too for taking this photo, sis.  The shots of me while there was only from your camera since I was so busy taking photos of what I can see around.

Thank you so much, sis for letting me experience this rare opportunity, a trip to a place that represents a very big role in the independence of our beautiful island, Philippines!  I had a grand time though di ako masyadong ma ohhh and ahhh but in my heart, I was so grateful and happy for making it there and with you.  Nothing beats the happiness of being treated for free!
 photo 551264_10151425257494757_2034349570_n.jpg

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