Start of the Year Happiness from Fairy Hobmother


Happy New Year from Fairy Hobmother!  I thought I would not hear from him again but I was wrong, The Fairy Hobmother pointed is magic wand at me through  this blog.

It is not always that we receive unexpected blessings, but I believe that the more one gives, the more one receives.  Whoever believes on this saying will really agree with me.  There is no question in the goodness of the Lord because He often answers one wishes and prayers through someone and this weekend, it was through the Fairy Hobmother.

I am saving up for an appliances that will aid my mom with the household chores.  We really need right now a washing machine and I am saving up for a washing machine with dryer.  The year has just started but two typhoons have passed our way already and when the weather is so wet, we have problem in with our laundry.  I still have a lot of laundry to be done but since we don’t have the washer, we do manual and that is so tiring, so I left my laundry to days when I am so enthusiastic about handwashing.

So have you had wishes for 2013 that has been answered as early as January?  Go make a comment in this post because it might be your turn the next time the Fairy Hobmother moves his wand.

Hard Habit to Break

I have several habits that I wish I don’t have it.  But the one that I am going to mention here is the one that even today I did it even if I know it is a bad habit. 😀

I don’t eat meals @ a regular time.  Even though how many times I was advised to eat my meals at a regular time, still I don’t do eat.  I do eat when I am hungry and If I am sleepy, sleep would be the sweetest thing to indulge than food.  They said that meals should be eaten three times a day with five hours interval but for me at most time, I eat only two times because or three times but the third would be around nine in the evening or ten the most.

Day four theme for January Blogging Challenge hosted by Mommy Ruby.

Day 3 – Me & My Friends


A short time with friends (High School Batch 1990) @ Meadowtel in Cagayan de Oro last December 22 – a few hours before we took the boat for Cebu City.  We look masaya but it would have been more masaya if more came to the get together.  This is a Going-away get together for our classmate Meriam and also a birthday get together for Joel and Anna Cristina.

Third day theme for the January Blogging Challenge hosted by Mommy Ruby.

The Reason Behind my Blogger Name

The first blog I ever started was in and the blog title that right away came to my mine is Life is What We Make It with Sunshineforlife as the writer. Sad thing, that blog no longer exist.  But when I had my first domain i named my url into

To me, Sunshine Lene means Happy Lene. Sunshine is happiness.  Sunshine can bring smile to many faces and I thought that no matter what I will always be a happy lene.

Sunshine became significant in my life even before I started blogging because the song Sunshine…was dedicated to me by the father of my daughter.  He even sent me a handwritten piano piece of it – written in a beautiful stationary. Since that time – we broke up later – I feel nostalgic every time I hear the song Sunshine on My Shoulder Makes me Happy…but then realized later that I should never be sad.  I promised myself that no matter what Sunshine should always be happy and has to share that happiness when time allows.

This is the topic for Day 2 in Blogging Challenge hosted by Mommy Ruby.