Booking for Cheap Holidays

I love to travel just like anyone who can grab a bag anytime and hop on a bus, boat, or plane every time there is a chance to travel.  That is the reason why I always look forward to cheap holidays offers.   We are not millionaires so a sale on tickets sounds like music to the ears — for me and my friends whose feet itches when there is a cheap offer.

Last year, my friend booked me and 4 others including her husband to a 4 days trip to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.  It was  a quick decision or else any minute the sale ticket will be gone because many people from all over the country waits up for one peso sale.


So today, we flew from Cagayan de Oro City and at the moment we are waiting for our boarding time. We have an hour more to go to be online here and to send messages to our family.  It’s a quick trip to see places in that city.  This trip also includes one day trip to Pnom Pehn.

Our kids are not with us on this trip but we hope next time next year, all of us will be on board and will enjoy the trip together.  So, everyday, I have to check online for many holiday sale offers.  The earlier one books, the better is the chance of real cheap offers.

September 11: We Remember

My 9112012 peace globe.

To all who perished that day.

To all who were affected of the tragedy that day –

be it



psychologically —

you are never forgotten!

You’re ALL specially remembered today.

People around the globe is praying for peace to reign in our hearts, our home, and our planet, today and every day.

Yesterday I visited the post office and a couple of the cards that I received were from someone in New York and it is a card that suppose to be showing the Twin Towers in place.  Thank you Dinna for sharing.  I was really happy to receive the cards and then at a moment was sad when I remember that fateful day.  I was not in NY that day nor I was in America but it was like the whole world cried in sadness that day.



The peace globe template is a creation of Mimi and I decorate it with an old postcard that still shows the Twin towers.  I thought it was taken from the same angle shown in the first postcard, but I realized it was taken at another side of the river.

Where ever you may be now, may you pause awhile to whisper a prayer for the people who ought not to be forgotten this particular day – September 11.

It has been a busy bee past days and there are days that I am off from Facebook.  Good thing I read Mimi’s reminder last night that it’s time to make a 9/11 remembrance again.  So Mimi, thanks for the invitation.  You may visit some if not all entries from Facebook’s Peace Bloggers and Blog Blast for Peace.

A Year Older Glass for Her

For a busy buddy like me, shopping in an online for giveaways or a birthday gift is the most convenient thing to do.  Some rich people can hire people to do their shopping for them, but for me, i’d rather order directly online and deliver the gift direct to the celebrator.  My birthday is still a year away but I do love this –


Very nice drinking mug at home while at work or even in the office. I got one of an angry bird right now, but I won’t mind changing it to this. If no one can have the heart to send me this as a gift, then i’d better order it as a treat to myself and hey I will pick one for my daughter, too!


It is the daughter’s birthday in a few days. Meaning she will turn a year older. So this pint glass is just an ideal one for her. We have agreed that I won’t be preparing anything for her birthday so that I can save up whatever pesos I can save for a nice phone (a bit hightech) she wants me to buy in December. She could have wanted it this time, but she knows too, my funds are low.  I thank the Lord for giving me an understanding daughter.

How time flies, she will be turning fourteen.  I can still recall the day when I gave birth to her.  I was sleepless for more than 12 hours because I was in pain.  It was a painful delivery.  I wish there were available bloopers while in labor so that at least it could make me laugh or smile. Later as I listened to her coo and gave me her smile whenever she is called by name, it reminds me that the pain was worth it.

I just wish that my daughter would appreciate this gift.