Booking for Cheap Holidays


I love to travel just like anyone who can grab a bag anytime and hop on a bus, boat, or plane every time there is a chance to travel.  That is the reason why I always look forward to cheap holidays offers.   We are not millionaires so a sale on tickets sounds like music… Continue Reading

Tower Pointing to the Sky

Taken at Kublai’s Agong House @ Kapatagan Valley, Davao del Sur May 2012 This photo is linked with:

September 11: We Remember


My 9112012 peace globe. To all who perished that day. To all who were affected of the tragedy that day – be it emotionally physically psychologically — you are never forgotten! You’re ALL specially remembered today. People around the globe is praying for peace to reign in our hearts, our home, and our planet, today… Continue Reading

A Year Older Glass for Her

For a busy buddy like me, shopping in an online for giveaways or a birthday gift is the most convenient thing to do.  Some rich people can hire people to do their shopping for them, but for me, i’d rather order directly online and deliver the gift direct to the celebrator.  My birthday is still… Continue Reading

Meeting of Great Minds

The president called up for a meeting last Friday – the meeting of great minds.  As usual I was late – more late because I took the longer route to reach the venue.  It took me an hour kasi to look for the receipts.  I had them hidden away pala up in the locker to… Continue Reading

I am Lovin’ the 50’s and 60’s Songs


and hey i am not yet that old.  hahaha Listen to them each song/vid one at a time and tell me then if you love them or hate them… I love them all!  At this moment I am downloading more songs into one folder for times when I need to clear my head but just… Continue Reading

Skywatch Friday: A Comeback Entry


It’s been ages since the last time I made an entry to this sky photos meme.  I love making sky photos but due to work, I just have the sky photos in my pc file.  But now, I am thinking that I will submit an entry whenever I can.  I maybe late at times, but… Continue Reading