Save Money by Using Washable Adult Cloth Diapers

When I read this article, it reminds me of the time a month before my father died.  He was so sick that later, he cannot move bowels anymore by going to the loo.  So to make things comfy for him, we purchased disposable diaper for him.  I do not have any idea on what was his size because I never go out to shop for his stuff. I just gave money and my sis do the caring of him and of his needs.  She does the hands-on in taking care of my father.

I also did not take note of how much we spent on him.  We just make sure that he is taken cared of to the best of what we can.  He just spent most of his time at home since his diagnosis, but on his last month, he was confined at the hospital for two weeks then we brought him home.  Three days later, he peacefully one morning.

PhotobucketSharing the story to my cousin who is in the states, she told us about adult-sized cloth diapers- washable ones. I asked her why shared it only now. The reason was we were not communicating much during those times because I was really so busy at work. I checked out the diaper in the online catalog, I said to myself that it was really a perfect thing for my father to wear while he is at home.  They were not the types that will have a perfect fit on the user and one can never think imagine that he or she is on diaper.  This super fitted reusable clothe diaper can be purchased direct from the manufacturer and one can order in bulk.  I wish I have known this when my father was still alive.

My mom is aging and I guess sooner or later, she too needs this one.  Now I know where to find it.  I told my cousin to be prepared for one day I will ask her the favor of ordering this stuff and she then will send it to me here in the Philippines.  Buying this cloth diaper in bulk and its washable can surely save money.


Eid Mubarak Greetings & Spiritual Quotes

Peace, joy, and happiness greetings
to all our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world
as they celebrate the end of a month-long
of prayer and fasting.


Let me also share with you some spiritual quotes that arrivedin my mailbox today –

Faith is taking the first step,
even when you don’t see the whole staircase.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lord, grant that I might not so much
seek to be loved as to love.
– St. Francis of Assisi

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was,
Thank you, that would suffice.
– Meister Eckhart

I Am One With Spirit and All Creation.
I give thanks for the unity of all creation
and for everything that has brought me to this moment.
I release my entire being to the gentle nurture of Spirit.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Happiness Is…#03



This little boy making faces at me while I was taking his photo is Marty and is fondly called by her mom and mommyla and daddylo as Eloy. I haven’t asked them though what caused them to give them that pet name. Eloy and her mom went with us on a weekend last week and Eloy was instantly the darling of the crowd.

He was so hyper. Did not ever complain even for once.


In this photo, he reminds me of the movie – Baby’s Day Out!

This post is connected with Happiness Is…but when I checked out the site, the last entry was still in May.   Somehow it will be up again soon but even if it won’t I will try to keep posting photos of things that brings me happiness and to the people around me.

This Blog Supports the Cause for Peace

November is just around the corner and one of the highlights of this month is the Blog Blast for Peace.  This blog has joined yearly since I discovered the call in 2008.  This year will then be our fourth year.

So check out Mimi’s blog on how to join this cause this year. The 2012 Blog Blast for Peace has been formally launched last July 28 by throwing a bottle with “peace” in it out into the sea.  I miss the activity but I will surely join the posting on November 4, 2012.  So what are you waiting for?  Join us!

Warm Blanket for a Cold Weather

If you happen to be trapped with an unbearable weather while you are in the middle of your tour, do not fret. Summer weather are typically full of surprises. One day the sun is shining brightly as it hovers into the sky. And, the next thing you knew, loud clasps of thunder rigged your eardrums and colored splashes of lights blinded your eyes. Such is the vagaries of summer weather.

Therefore, in every travel, you have to include in your luggage clothes that can protect you from both the heat of the sun and the coldness of the weather. You do not need to bring your whole closet with you. The electric blankets  in particular are those stuff that can provide warmth when you needed it most.

It was so windy when we went to Hoyohoy and I guess that blanket would surely help us. That was also the first time my daughter rode a horse.

Visiting Maria & Christina ^^


Maria Cristina Falls.
The pride of Iligan City

Last July 25, some visitors from Manila came by Iligan City.  A few of them stepped foot in Iligan for the first time.  It was a quick trip for them.  They arrived at ten in the morning and they have to leave at exactly 1 pm to catch their 5 pm flight back to Manila. So, the only place we got in mind that would be easy for them to have a peep is Maria Cristina Falls.  They wanted to go down Tinago Falls but if we will do so, then surely their plane would left them behind.

The falls is not in its fullest flow but it is better than when Cristina (the right drop) is almost invisible.  I have not shared the photos at Facebook yet but I will hope so later.  I will also make another post related to this visit in my other blog.


I Made It!


This is me just before we were pushed out into space. hahaha

I conquered the longest and deepest zip line in Asia last Sunday and the thing I love about it is that I made it @ 40. Lol! Yea, I turned 40 on July 23 and on the 29th, I made the zip down a more than a kilometer of cable from one station to another.

The experience was really scary especially for me who is very scared of heights. I almost did not make it as I panicked at the last minute, but my friends would not hear any of my reasoning, and me and my companion were pushed away. I was not able to scream, instead I just closed my eyes and hang on to the cables as if my life depended on it. OH yeah, my life really depended on it, though I think that if I let go of my hands, I still won’t fall out of the harness. The vibration that I can strong feel in my arms were too much that I just close my eyes all the way to the 2nd station.


Cool JJ!

This kid I think was not scared at all. While I was gripping the cords for life, she herself was enjoying the view below us during our first trip. When she told me her experienced, I was challenge to overcome my fear by opening my eyes — on the trip from 2nd station to the third station.

It was already during the trip down from 2nd station to the 3rd that I actually enjoyed the view after we were rescued. We were stopped just a bit after the middle of the trip because of the strong wind. So we were rescued. Thanks to the third person, I dared to look at the view below me, at my side and a bit of my back.


This is part of the view that I saw while being stuck in somewhere in the line. The rescue was already there so I dared to move.


The banana trees were so obvious! I wonder where would I land if ever I fall off from the harness. Will it be on top of the coconut tree, the banana tree, or the river bed, or the farm…whichever! I stopped thinking about it now. Next time, I still want to make it there again!

Long Weekend 2012



Shown in this photo are two weekends where any worker can experience long holidays. 2 offs (Saturday and Sunday) plus a no work holiday on a Monday and Tuesday. I have not yet decided on where to go but I will surely be on the road. I wish to travel far, but I cannot for now since I am saving for an out-of-the-country travel.

With the mole on my foot, it’s like I am excited to really go out and top of the list is Cotabato City and South Cotabato (DOLE). If Tata cannot make it to make this trip, then maybe I will just try nearby places like there is Malaybalay, there is Valencia (Lake Apo) or Ozamis City. With this places I mentioned, I thought of travelling alone. Let me see to what extent I can see in a one place if I will just be going along.

disclaimer: the photo is not mine. snagged from my FB wall.