Save Money by Using Washable Adult Cloth Diapers


When I read this article, it reminds me of the time a month before my father died.  He was so sick that later, he cannot move bowels anymore by going to the loo.  So to make things comfy for him, we purchased disposable diaper for him.  I do not have any idea on what was… Continue Reading

Eid Mubarak Greetings & Spiritual Quotes

Peace, joy, and happiness greetings to all our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world as they celebrate the end of a month-long of prayer and fasting. Let me also share with you some spiritual quotes that arrivedin my mailbox today – Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole… Continue Reading

Happiness Is…#03

MARTY This little boy making faces at me while I was taking his photo is Marty and is fondly called by her mom and mommyla and daddylo as Eloy. I haven’t asked them though what caused them to give them that pet name. Eloy and her mom went with us on a weekend last week… Continue Reading

This Blog Supports the Cause for Peace

November is just around the corner and one of the highlights of this month is the Blog Blast for Peace.  This blog has joined yearly since I discovered the call in 2008.  This year will then be our fourth year. So check out Mimi’s blog on how to join this cause this year. The 2012… Continue Reading

Warm Blanket for a Cold Weather

If you happen to be trapped with an unbearable weather while you are in the middle of your tour, do not fret. Summer weather are typically full of surprises. One day the sun is shining brightly as it hovers into the sky. And, the next thing you knew, loud clasps of thunder rigged your eardrums… Continue Reading

Visiting Maria & Christina ^^

Maria Cristina Falls. The pride of Iligan City Last July 25, some visitors from Manila came by Iligan City.  A few of them stepped foot in Iligan for the first time.  It was a quick trip for them.  They arrived at ten in the morning and they have to leave at exactly 1 pm to… Continue Reading

I Made It!

This is me just before we were pushed out into space. hahaha I conquered the longest and deepest zip line in Asia last Sunday and the thing I love about it is that I made it @ 40. Lol! Yea, I turned 40 on July 23 and on the 29th, I made the zip down… Continue Reading

Long Weekend 2012

  Shown in this photo are two weekends where any worker can experience long holidays. 2 offs (Saturday and Sunday) plus a no work holiday on a Monday and Tuesday. I have not yet decided on where to go but I will surely be on the road. I wish to travel far, but I cannot… Continue Reading