Are You Insured?

If you are then you are heading the right way.  I wonder what is the reason for those who are not enrolled in any insurances when they can really afford it?  I really wish to know.  I have friends who are insured and has been for several years already and they often told me that… Continue Reading

Father’s Day Greetings 2012

I got nothing much to do last night, so I made these two greetings for my facebook friends who are fathers and fathers-to-be. credits: le petit scrap papers Kim klashen texture photo by sunshinelene

A Time to Explore Greece

I have just finished a month where I made several trips.  Thanks to vacation leaves and pay-back-offs and weekends,  I had the time to make those trips.  Though they were not trips abroad yet they were trips that also used my vacation leaves. I wish that one day, I will be awarded a 30 days… Continue Reading

Quick Visit at Hong Kong Disneyland

This is one of our photos at the entrance of the Disneyland Park in Hong Kong. There were 11 of us and the 11th person is the one who took this photo. 🙂 I accompany my daughter to Hongkong the other weekend to meet up her cousins and Omi who came from Australia for a… Continue Reading

Being Health Cautious Even on the Go

When you do travel to other places, whether for vacation or work related travels, take necessary precaution before going to your destination. A short lookout on the web for information about the favorite destinations, the landmarks, the restaurants, and the economic activity of the place can give the traveler a chance to picture out the… Continue Reading

May: the Travel Month is Over!

May 2012 is over and June is here.  Goodbye May and I want you to know that I had the great time of my life during your time.  Imagine, I made 4 trips just within the whole month.  Trips to places that i’ve never been to yet and to places where i’ve set foot many… Continue Reading