Are You Insured?

If you are then you are heading the right way.  I wonder what is the reason for those who are not enrolled in any insurances when they can really afford it?  I really wish to know.  I have friends who are insured and has been for several years already and they often told me that it is a good investment for the future of the family.  So, if you are interested to know more about affordable rates of insurance, ask your friends and you can even google which insurers are strong these days.

Personally, I do not have any insurance but if I want to enroll in one then I’d like it to be medical insurance with a coverage of terminal diseases and other beyond normal illnesses.

A Time to Explore Greece

I have just finished a month where I made several trips.  Thanks to vacation leaves and pay-back-offs and weekends,  I had the time to make those trips.  Though they were not trips abroad yet they were trips that also used my vacation leaves.

I wish that one day, I will be awarded a 30 days vacation and if ever that will be granted, I will surely take the time to explore Greece.  I’ve never been to Greece yet, but receiving postcards from there with short notes about the places seen on the card makes me yearn that somehow, one day, I will have the luxury of time and money to grab holidays to Greece deals from travel agencies.  A travel to Europe can surely make me visit Greece if there would be a lot of time.

Before I will do that travel, surely, I’d take time to research the top 5 (maybe) if not top 10 places to see and visit while in Greece.  I know I cannot enumerate them all but Fira will be on top of my list.  With the beautiful sunset postcards view from brightly colored (blue and white) buildings perched on the rocky edges in Fira, Santorini.  A swim in the crystal clear waters in Mykonos would be another treat for me.

I may not swim all the time, but surely I would be taking pictures all the time.  I love the thought of visiting Greece with a bunch of travel enthusiasts.  But if my schedule won’t fit in theirs, and the time to fly is at hand, then surely my camera and travel guide would be my constant companion along the way.

Sunrise, Santorini, Greece
This travel blog photo’s source is TravelPod page: Santorini

When am in a breathtaking place, I never sleep late just so to catch the sunrise. I browse online to see Greek sunrise and sunsets, the experience really makes me wanna do the trip the soonest when I am still able in strength.

In order to have a pleasant experience on flights and accommodations, one must take time to book early.  At times hotel deals are lower compared to reservations made in later time. One must also note the check-in time and check-out time so that one can notice the hotel if they are checking in early or checking out late.

Though Greece would be a lovely summer destination, it is still good to know the temperature that is on during the time of the visit so that one can bring the appropriate clothes of course not forgetting the set of swim suits for daily deep in their clear blue waters.  Don’t ever think that there are only beaches to see in Greece.  There are so many historic places  to see there so it will really be a learning experience.

The likes of me is adventurous on food, so surely I will be brave enough to try their delicacies.  When in Greece, one must do what Greeks do, so I promise I won’t miss trying out Greek cuisine.

Night life exists in most places where tourists flock so it will never be a boring trip.  Day trips can be a trip to the beach or a trip to shop for souvenirs for love ones waiting back at home.

So, if I am able to go now — I’d go fly and explore Greece.  But since I cannot for the time being, I hope I will do it in a couple of years.  This post really will remind me each time that Greece is on top of my 5 must go destinations on international travel.  So if you are able now?  Grab the cheap Greece holidays offered online.

disclaimer: photo is not mine. Grabbed from travelpod.

Quick Visit at Hong Kong Disneyland


This is one of our photos at the entrance of the Disneyland Park in Hong Kong.

There were 11 of us and the 11th person is the one who took this photo. 🙂

I accompany my daughter to Hongkong the other weekend to meet up her cousins and Omi who came from Australia for a six weeks vacation. Since they had a 9 hours stop over in HK, her Omi decided that we will meet them there so that can together see Disneyland. In mind, Disney Park is for kids! So in a moment, we booked our tickets last April without thinking much that 24 hours is just a short time to be spent abroad. But that was our only time — 24 hours.

We arrived HK a bit past midnight and we decided to just stay in the airport and wait for their arrival from Brisbane 7:30 later. Me, the daughter, and Omi’s cousin, Ate Inday had a good rest at the airport lounge. Safe place because there were also many travelers who were also on transit.

So from the airport, we proceed to the hotel to catch up with the parents of the kids, then we had breakfast, then off we went to HK Disneyland Park.  To save us with the train fare, the Omi purchased the Day Pass train ticket for an unlimited train ride for 24 hours for the eleven us.  It was a wise purchase and indeed we have saved much.

That was only a quick visit and I regret why it was only quick.  So next time, I wish to go back and hopefully not only for a day but for at least three days to see more of the place and bring also the daughter to Ocean Park for the challenging rides.